Friday, October 14, 2005

The boy likes the music.

C6 cracks me up. His favorite song these days is "All These Things That I have Done" by The Killers. Whenever it comes on the radio his eyes get real wide and he the middle of the song when it breaks down to a guitar chunk he gets so psyched, cuz he knows the "I got soul, but I'm not a soldier" part is coming up - to which he enjoys clapping along, huge grin on his face. Hahhahh!!!

Here he is on the beach at Plum Island at the beginning of September. Remember when it was sunny?


Monday, October 10, 2005

Oh nooOOoOoo!

Yes, hi.

Long time, long time.

Since Lexi put a link here... um, I'd better write a little somethin'-somethin'.

Things are goodgoodgood! I spend most of my time stooped over running after C6 and. Man, that boy is speedy. We like to listen to the They Might Be Giants cd "Here Come The ABCs" - we got the dvd too and it is really a lot of fun. My favorite song is about the letters D and W:

My boy D, Commander D, the well-known D
D's getting on in years so he moves a little bit slower now
D is shy and doesn't get out of the house much anymore
And then there's W, here comes W
It's double wide, it cannot hide its pride, it's W
They call it W, there's that W
It thinks it's king, its all-time favorite thing is W
D: W, you think you're so great.
W: Well, I am pretty big.
D: Yeah, you're okay. You're just not as great as you think you are.
W: How come I never see you around anymore, D?
D: I got this big TV set at home now. And I like to watch the sports.

HAHhrh - the best part of the song is the very end - instead of saying "I like to watch sports", D says "I like to watch THE sports". And that is what makes it brilliant.

You can see the video for D and W on
this website.

That is it for now!