Friday, June 22, 2007

My Latest Favorite Song - Editors - Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors

I was smitten when I heard this song on my way to rehearsal last night. It is by Editors, called "Smokers Outside The Hospital Door." It was exactly what I needed to hear at that particular point in time. I was a little tired, as usual, after a typical day of mumming. I hadn't been in top form at the last rehearsal - I needed to hear this song. And out of the radio it came to me. I lovelovelove this kind of bassline. Muy straightforwardo. Bringing me back to why I like to play the bass. And I like the singer's voice. (And his eyebrows too! - see the video, below) The chorus...the guitar riffs...everything - just stick in my head. This is good stuff.

Hear more Editors music here.

P.S. It is my opinion that I kicked ass at rehearsal. Thank you, Editors.

P.P.S. Come to my show tomorrow night (SATURDAY JUNE 23) at TT THE BEARS, CAMBRIDGE, MA. We're on late, but we are worth it, ya pansies!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hip Young Parent: The Children's Music Alternative

I just saw this link on Cool Mom Picks. Its an online kids music station called Hip Young Parent: The Children's Music Alternative. (I'm not so wild over the name, but whatevah.)

DJ Amy Trulock has been spinnin' vinyl since she was only 3! Her station streams kid-friendly AND adult-friendly music all day & night on internet radio network Live365. Just a really, really, great mix.

C6 and I sampled the station's offerings this morning and we were treated to some great music. Among our favorite tracks: Lois Prima's "Yes We Have No Bananas" and Ricky Nelson's "You Are My Sunshine". We also heard a song called "Lets Play Hide and Seek" by a group called These Guys Are Crazy - twas a fun rocker. We were singing along to Ben Kweller's "Sha Sha". But the BIG HIT with both of us was MELLOW YELLOW by Donovan. I had forgotten how much I love that one! Quite rightly.

Have a listen. It is GOOD.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rock and Roll Coochicoo Revue

Months ago, I had asked my friend and bandmate, Ad Frank, if he had kept in touch with former Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women bandmate Kristen Barry - and what's she up to, playing much, etc. (She's a singer, songwriter, and keyboardist.) I had played with her a little in Helicopter Helicopter and I think she's the bee's knees. Anyway, Ad informed me that she had penned a tune for a kid's album that Chris Toppin and Tanya Donelly were putting together, featuring tracks from Boston area musicians. This was awhile ago, and he didn't know if it ever came out. This morning I did a little investigatin' and whoah! - here it is! It is called Rock and Roll Coochicoo Revue! You can listen to bits of tracks here. It is chock full of goodness - sounds great! Gotta pick this one up very soon, I do.

The Rock and Roll Coochicoo Revue site

Here's a little somethin'-somethin' from the cdbaby site:
A few years ago, two Boston-based rock musicians (and moms), Chris Toppin (Fuzzy) and Tanya Donelly (Belly, Throwing Muses, Breeders), decided that they wanted to start a project that would bring together the tremendous music community they are a part of in order to create the kind of kids' music cd that didn’t seem to exist, with a few rare exceptions (Dan Zanes, Ralph’s World etc.). When they asked some of their friends to each write and record a children’s song, the immediate response from each of the artists was of great enthusiasm. Chris and Tanya felt that they were going to end up with something quite special but what they ended up with far exceeded their expectations.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Mary Poppins!

C6 has had a fascination with Mary Poppins for awhile now. I had forgotten how much I loved this movie!

Dick van Dyke's character Bert was one of my first 'boyfriends' - I loved his 'exotic accent' and crazy dancemoves. Rowr! My other boyfriends were Willie Wonka and Mickey Mouse. I was happy to find that my friend Lees was/is as enamored with Willie Wonka as I was/am! Of course we're talkin' 'bout the Gene Wilder Wonka, duh. What's not to love about a purple-jacketed, top hat-wearing dude who owns a candy factory??? And Mickey Mouse? Hm, not exactly sure what I saw in that rodent, but I remember liking his ears. Like, a lot. When I was about 4 years old, if you asked me what my favorite color was, I'd've replied "Black". And if you asked me why, I would've told you that I liked black because Mickey Mouse's ears were black. Jump ahead to the mid-late '80's, when I wore "black on the outside, cuz black is how I feel on the inside." But I digress...

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is one of C6's nicknames.

This is our favorite part. This has kind of a long intro on it, but it is the dancin' penguins scene. YES!

This is C6's 'joke' - "Mary...(pauses dramatically, smiles, turns his head ever so slightly in a 'wait for it' expression)...POOPins!"

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Critic

I have been trying to find little pockets of time to rehearse singing and bass parts for an upcoming PermaFrost/Dethmuffen reunion show. It ain't easy to rehearse at home, as usually when I start to play bass, C6 wants to take my pick and detune my bass, or play it himself. Yesterday, I was scraping the rust off of my vocal cords, trying to sing a song that was always a little bit out of my range even back in the best of my singin' days. So as I was putting on a special 'concert' for C6, playing and 'singing' this song, he stops me and says "Mum! Top. Top doing dat! Top making dat bad noise!!!"


Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Man, did I love Zoom. What, ain't ya in the know? It was a Boston-area kids show on PBS during the 1970's. They did a new Zoom a few years ago - I dunno, maybe it is still on? But I'm talkin' OLD SCHOOL ZOOM. I might even still have one of the "Zoom recipe" or "Zoom Do" cards I sent a S.A.S.E. for, back in the day!

Of course there are a few vintage Zoom pieces on YouTube. The songs are branded into my brain. I can't believe how much of this stuff I remember. (And I can't remember my phone number!) Here is the first episode (in 4 parts). The Zoom Play Of The Week is brilliant! Joe is the star. (He is so Tim Burton!) I totally remember that particular "Zoom Rap" and "The Cat Came Back". Great stuff. I still like it!

...and if you remember the original Zoom, you MUST remember Bernadette. We were considering "I'm Bernadette' for a band name years ago. HAHRHAHR!! Well, here she is:

Monday, June 11, 2007

Brats On The Beat

Here's a CD of Ramones covers for kids called Brats On The Beat...I like the name! The compilation, produced by Jennifer Finch of L7, features an impressive array of musicians from bands including Pennywise, Alkaline Trio, The Donnas - and Ramones cover band The Gabba Gabba Heys)!

Speaking of which, here - have a listen to my friend Spooney of The Gabba Gabba Heys singing a little bit of We Want The Airwaves.

It is no secret that kids love the Ramones! So why not just play them yer Ramones CDs and be done with it? Well - the twist on this CD is that the tracks have gangs of li'l punkrock kids singing along. And you know how kids love listening to kids singing. (They do.) I don't own this one yet but I plan to get it - I've been busting the bank on music and DVDs lately. I think C6 and I will open a lemonade stand to fund our habit!!!

Band On The Diaper Run

Over at there's great tour journal from the band Mates of State. They're a duo who have been playing out on the road, traveling with their toddler daughter. The tour has come to an end, but you can read all the previous entries - the journal's called Band On The Diaper Run. HAHRHH!!! Written by Kori Gardner, who is mom to little Magnolia and husband to Jason Hammel, it covers everything from potty training on the road, pacifier issues, airplane situations - so much! It is a beautifully written glimpse into life on the road with a kiddo. Does it make me want to go on tour and bring C6 anytime soon? Hmmmm, I'll get back to you on that...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Punk Rock Dad

Jim Lindberg from Pennywise has written a book about being a punk rock dad. It is called Punk Rock Dad. HAhrH!!
Epitaph's news - Punk Rock Dad.
Punk Rock Dad Myspace page.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Next Rock Show:

Come to the show, won't you? Thank you. Love, Scurvyann.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Elmo's Potty Time

Now that the weather is warmer, we're heading into full-on potty training. We got the DVD Elmo's Potty Time last autumn when C6 seemed interested in the magical, mystical world of the potty. C6 loves it, and there are parts of it that I really like too. For example, y'know how on Sesame Street, each episode is sponsored by a letter and a number? ("This episode of Sesame Street was brought to you by the letter B and the number 3.") Well, Elmo's Potty Time is brought to you by the letter P and the number 2!!!! HAHRHARH!!! There is a part where someone asks Baby Bear a question and, answering in the affirmative, he says, "Does a bear go potty in the woods?" Heh!!!

Here's Elmo's Dad and Baby Elmo in a flashback to Elmo's potty beginnings:

C6 and I really like this part, where kids say some (but, thankfully, not all) of the words for pee and poo. We especially llike the kid near the end who screams, "DOOOOODEEEEEEE!!!!"

Well that's it for now, gotta go. I REALLY NEED TO URINATE!!! HaaHRHHARHaaAHRH!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Gene Simmons Family Jewels

I stumbled across the tv show Gene Simmons Family Jewels awhile ago and started DVR-ing it. It is pretty much like "Meet The Osbournes", but with Gene Simmons (of KISS fame) and his family - wife Shannon, ex-Playboy model, and kids Nick and Sophie. Some shows are better than others - I like the ones that seem a little more real and less goofy and/or staged. The kids are great - really funny and down to earth, for the most part. I particularly liked the episode where Nick was rehearsing with his band and Gene kept interrupting - Nick was really embarrassed. Then Gene proceeded to book a show for Nick's band, who had only had minimal rehearsal. In typical over-the-top fashion, Gene advertised the show with an airplane banner ad. Again, Nick - totally embarrassed.

I couldn't find any really great clips on YouTube, but hereyago.

PS: I have a secret crush on Nick! Is that bad? Oops!

Stop and Go

We got the Elizabeth Mitchell & Lisa Loeb CD, Catch The Moon when C6 was tiny. He still loves the song Stop and Go. Here's the video - take a look! As a wee lad, C6 really dug all the stops and starts in the song, and the little kid voice too. He especially likes where they ROCK AND ROLL! He's also partial to "Big Rock Candy Mountain" and "Little Red Caboose". The music is very gentle - I spent a LOT of time playing this CD in the car, doing the nap-in-the-car thing. (C6, not me!) Honestly, I didn't really enjoy this CD when I first got it (hadn't given myself over to the gentler music at that point). But it quickly grew on me - it really is truly lovely. This is one of those CDs that just brings me back to C6's early days. I'm getting a little misty!

PS: I really like Elizabeth's horsie skirt - where do I get one o' dem?!?

Cute, Cute, CUTE.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

J. Mascis And The Fog

Hey look! Here's me in a video for the song "Everybody Lets Me Down" by J. Mascis and the Fog. Don't blink, or you'll miss me! Hint: you can see me best when the song first kicks in - I'm the 'rockinbasschick'. My friend and bandmate, Ad is also in the video, appearing as Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. This is a cute video. I like when J. smiles at the end!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

My Favorite Bathing Suit

Years ago, I mentioned my quest for a 1950's movie starlet bathing suit to my fabulous niece, AnneMarie. She found this suit, online at Land's End, and we both ordered it, as it is seeew awesome. It is a really flattering suit! I love the neckline, and the straps, both front and back. It is modest without being frumpy. I've stuck with the basic black, but it is made in other colors, too. Every couple of years I buy a new one and hope that they continue making them! (I also hope that the price doesn't keep going up the way that it has...yeeesh!)