Friday, September 28, 2007

Up on Mars

A couple of years ago, I was in a delightful band called Well, and we did a combination rock & 'lectronic kind of music. It was really fun!

Part of our act was a videoshow projected behind us, which was synced up to beats and keyboard tracks. All that stuff was masterminded by Jeff Robbins, (with whom I played in Orbit, as well.) He sang and played guitar as well as creating all the backing tracks and most of the other videos. We did have a REAL drummer (Hahha - I almost called him a "brick and mortar" drummer!) named Robert Brazier. He's a gadabout!

Though we had lots of stuff going on with the tracks and the visuals, we were pretty much a kickass rock trio. (As evidenced on one of our first shows when there were technical difficulties with the backing tracks and we had to go without! Rocked.)

I made an animation for our song Up On Mars, one of our mellower tunes. Originally created to be projected behind us for the show, there are a few sections that seem a little slow watching it here without the band playing in front of it! Enjoy my awesome handiwork! HAHrhAHRHA!!!


ps: do you recognize that astronaut chick in the video? HINT: It's me!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time to make a plan which...involves a SANDWICH!

C6 is into eating sandwiches these days. (You may remember that he did not like them...even though he really did.) Then he decided that he DID like sandwiches and we got into making them together. We remembered the episode of the Upside Down Show where Shane and David learned how to make sandwiches by watching a kid demonstrate the process. They gave their play-by-play description. "... and for the crowning glory ... a piece of green, green lettuce, ... the ubiquitous pat-down ... and we have total sandwich." C6 remembered, and we always do the ubiquitous pat-down.

So anyhoo, I got an email from a musician named Ira Marlowe who does kids music. He's got a CD out called The Teasing Bird. What does this have to do with Sandwiches? Plenty! One of the songs on the CD is called SANDWICH and it is funny and cute and will stick in your head. In a good way. Here's the quirky little video for it. C6 can't get enough of it - it is his favorite video now. We watch it a LOT. And I mean...a LOT.

Watch for appearances by Paul McCartney, Ace Frehley, Pete Townshend, in bread form, and Elton John as Cheese!

I like the little conversations between the rasta bread dudes and the "May-o!" part...

Visit Ira's site Brainy Tunes for more info, games (there's a SANDWICH game!), songs, and videos.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Scurvyann luvs Ayun Halliday!

Have you read anything by the hilarious Ayun Halliday ? If you read BUST magazine, you've encountered her Mother Superior column.

She's living in New York, raising 2 cute kiddos (Inky and Milo) with her husband (Greg). She writes about mom things ... the kiddos ... life ... and traveling all over the place...Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia...with the kids!

(Psssst! Ayun Halliday is my hero!)

Ayun publishes her 'zine The East Village Inky quarterly, and I recently became a subscriber - I implore you to follow my lead here. * Not only is this little maggy JAM PACKED with adorable little cartoon illustrations and hand-letttered stories, but it is made in a really handy size - perfect to slip in your bag for emergency fun reading material. Doesn't take up much room, but will keep you entertained for a long time - it is really dense! (I mean...lotsa stuff in there!) If your vision ain't what it used to be, you may need to utilize a magnifying glass. won't want to miss a thing. My first issue (#35) was about the Balkan-y trip. I especially liked Ayun's description of the kitchens in some of the apartments in which they stayed. It's just a fun read, babes.

What can I tellya? I'm a gush-er.

One of Ayun's Mother Superior columns in particular struck a chord with me. It was about how she's not so great at securing a babysitter. I totally, totally relate to that! Other than begging family members and trying not to wear out the one sitter that I can get to come, I'm not so successful.

I popped onto Ayun's message board and left a little luv, and she wrote me a sweet email. (She called me a "Daymaker"! I loved that. Daymaker! Who knew?) Anyhoo, I told her how much I liked the babysitting article but couldn't find it online - and she graciously agreed to send it along. I know there are plenty of others out there who would luv to read and/or re-read this piece...and so, with permission from Ayun herself, here it is. Enjoy!

November 2006
By Ayun Halliday ©2006.
Originally published in BUST magazine. Used with permission of the author.

It seems that engaging babysitters is just one of those activities that I’m insufficiently adult to handle in any responsible way. Like cleaning the bathroom or paying bills, the prospect of conjuring someone to keep the children alive and occupied while Greg and I spend close to a hundred bucks on burritos and a movie fills me with boredom, resentment and dread. Other mothers hit the phones, checking references and setting up face-to-face interviews with candidates who pass muster. I take a far less organized approach, sheepishly attempting to poach last-minute coverage from the fresh-faced counterpersons manning whatever cafĂ© I happen to find myself in the day before an event I’ve known about for weeks. I figure they’re already working for peanuts, perhaps they’d like to earn some more before their own fabulous, childless evening out.

Clearly, I’m clinging to memories of how things were done in the Old World. On those rare occasions when my grandmother was unavailable for duty, Mom would pay an eighth-grade girl 50cents an hour to keep watch over her precious only child. I used to love fooling with their hair while they confided their crushes and boyfriend troubles. Then, after I proved my maturity by ditching one of them with neither house keys nor emergency phone numbers and successfully hitching a ride to the vet’s with the young man whose automobile had delivered a glancing blow to the family dog, I entered the teen babysitting racket myself. In several years of active duty, I’ll bet I amassed close to three hundred dollars, as well as a near-theological reverence for certain passages in The Joy of Sex, a surprisingly common household item that most couples seemed to store in a concealed location in the master bedroom. I also ate an entire package of edible chocolate liqueur cups found in the recesses of a dining room cabinet.

In light of my early work experience, it hardly seems equitable that I could take a less-than-charitable view of a young lady who somehow managed to switch our computer’s outgoing email identity from our names to hers. I had to call her up and ask her if she knew anything about computers because there’d be hell to pay if I didn’t figure out how to restore it to its original configuration before Daddy, I mean Greg, found out. It wasn’t transgression enough to discontinue our professional relationship – beggars can’t be choosers – but the next time I found myself in the position to require her services, Inky balked, complaining, “She never plays with us! All she does is sit in front of the computer!”

Shoot, that’s what I do, and ain’t nobody paying me $11 an hour for the privilege! I was hardly the world’s best babysitter, but even I knew to save that sort of extracurricular shit until after the children were safely stowed away for the night, particularly if they were old enough to squeal. I put a great deal of stock in Li’l Snitchy’s reports. Given my policy of suspending house rules regarding television, bedtime and dessert on babysitting nights, it’s usually a rave review, but individuals with a zest for arts & crafts and/or a willingness to receive makeovers receive an approval rating bordering on the pathological, even those who only worked for us once before moving out of state. Seems like the good ones are always getting away, lost to graduate school, real jobs, or babies of their own. This wouldn’t be such a problem if I kicked it old skool with an eighth grader, but the few whom I know are booked to the tits with internships and volunteer work, anything to get a leg up on getting into the college of their choice some time in the distant future.

There’s no shortage of career nannies in this neighborhood, but frankly, I shrivel like a spider on a hot skillet at the thought of any church-going, Caribbean woman who’s old enough to be my mother getting a peek at the state of my kitchen, let alone the contents of my nightstand.

Given the infrequency of the assignment, all I really need is someone who can keep a cool head in an emergency whilst refraining from the sort of extreme antics one wouldn’t want captured by the miniature camera implanted in a teddy bear’s head. Ideally, I’m not married to this person, though more often than not, I am, as is Greg. Separate dates! They’re the poor man’s separate vacations, and perhaps that’s not a bad thing in a household where the sitter is permitted to entertain callers of the opposite sex after the children have been put to bed for the night.


In addition to all the above mentioned swellness, Ayun's written a few books (on travel, motherhood, food, and her experiences in crappy jobs) - all of which are available here.

...and don't forget to check out Ayun's food blog Dirty Sugar Cookies!

(Psssst...did I mention that Ayun Halliday is my hero?)


Speakin' of New York-ish things, C6 is really into "New York City" lately - he is obsessed with the idea of riding on the New York Subway. Saturday evening we were at a get-together with some friends we hadn't seen in years. They're New Yorkers, and C6 made fast friends with 9-year old Amelia. She was such a good sport - she played "New York Subway" with him all evening, sitting down on the couch and waiting ... then getting up on the "train", zooming into another room...waiting for the doors to open ... sliding a subway pass (he was carrying his real MBTA subway pass with him of course) ... and finding the elevator. Seems to me it is time to plan a REAL trip to NYC with C6 in the not-too-distant future. Naturally, he'll expect the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to hang out with us ... If Ayun can tote 2 kids and a husband roun' the Balkan regions, mebbe I can tote 1 shortie and a husband to the Big City!


*While you are in a subscribing mood, why not pop over to BUST magazine and pick up a subscription there, too. 'Nnkay?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A quick one...

Me: (driving past the back of my old elementary school, on a detour) Whoah! That's the back of my old elementary school! When I was a little girl, I played kickball RIGHT! THERE! MASSIVE FLASHBACK!

C6: Mummio! Whatsa massive flapjack?

Me: Massive flapjack - whoah! HAHRHH!!! That is awesome! Well - I said "Massive Flashback" because I was remembering being in the playground playing kickball. That's a flashback. And massive means biiiiiiiiig. But I like what you said - "Massive Flapjack"!!! Like a BIG PANCAKE!

C6: Mummio! I wanna make you some REALLY REALLY BIG PANCAKES!!! Massive FLAPJACKS!

Me: Well all riiiiigheeeeeeet!!! MASSIVE FLAPJACKS!



Friday, September 21, 2007

Blue Man Preschool!!!

<--- Photo by Ken Howard © BMP

Here's a quick link from Daddytypes -
did you know that the founders of Blue Man Group recently opened a preschool? Read on!

Hmmm. Interessssting!

A few years ago, my pal Robin and I attended a Blue Man show. Robin was plucked from the Blue Man Group audience to be the lovely lady who feasted on Twinkies with the Blue Men. I found the scene on YouTube, (but that's not Robin). It was really hilarious - the audience LOVED Robin and the Blue Men were pretty sweet on her too! Who wouldn't be?

link to The Blue School website
link to The Blue Man Group website

Thursday, September 20, 2007

How did I miss it?

How did I miss Talk Like A Pirate Day?


We're going to celebrate today. Here's a link to Zooglobble's Pirate Day entry - let's celebrate a belated Pirate Day and watch Captain Bogg and Salty's Pieces of 8ight!

...cuz we love the Cap'n...and Salty too!

An easy chicken recipe we love

Here is a chicken dish that sees a lot of table time here at our house. C5 and C6 LOVE'em! I call'em "herby chicken parm tenders", but the official recipe is called "Parmigiano and Herb Chicken Breast Tenders" - from the Food Network show 30 Minute Meals. I don't always use all the fresh herbs but I always make sure to include fresh rosemary - I think the rosemary makes this dish. I've made the sauce to accompany the chicken too, and though it is quite nice, often, we opt for a nice jar of Prego. (Don't mock me.) Add some pasta and salad...and don't forget the GARLIC BREAD...and a nice glass of Valpolicella for mummio and daddio...and Mmmmm, mmmmm. Mangia mangia!

They're good cold, too. I packed some up (without the sauce) for our last long car trip. We dipped'em in applesauce! It was "road food" and C6 was a real road warrior! This past roadtrip, we even managed to eat carrots and some yogurt too - a real success in the healthy eatin' on the road department - not always the case!

(Aside: "Prego" was one of my terms for pregnant back in the old days - "BC6" - Before C6.)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rockness For YOU

Hey there! Come to my show. It'll be great! Really! REALLY great! Ad Frank and The Fast Easy Women, Thursday September 27 at the Middle East (Downstairs), Cambridge, MA. Don't forget. In fact, buy your tickets now, as the show's a gonna sell out!

The art from this flier is from an old advertisement for Orange Crush - I thought it was suitable even before I realized that the kids pictured matched up quite nicely with each band member. We look just like'em! (click on the pic for larger image.) And this is exactly what our rehearsals look like. Orange Crush, bowl o'snax, banjos, LPs on the hifi! Yowza yowza yowza!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

C6, Rocknroll kid.

Good Mornin!

Guess what?

C6 went to his first BAND REHEARSAL last night!

More on that in a bit - first, I must tell you that we (Ad Frank and The Fast Easy Women) have a show coming up THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th AT THE MIDDLE EAST, CAMBRIDGE, MA! Did I mention the show is THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th AT THE MIDDLE EAST, CAMBRIDGE, MA??? Did I? And it is with Freezepop, whom I adore. (Get your tix early - it'll sell out for sure.)

ANNNNyway, with my recent medical issues and other band members busy schedules, we hadn't had too much in the way of full band rehearsals over the summertime. So the few rehearsals we do have scheduled are really important.

Late in the afternoon yesterday, C5's project at work went into overdrive and he had to work late. On rehearsal nights, I need to leave the house a little before 7:oo. He wouldn't be home by then and didn't know how late he would be. The rehearsal had to be 7:30 to 8:30 as other band members had commitments right after rehearsal, so delaying our start time wasn't an option. And C5 didn't know exactly how late he would be. Ugh! I scrambled to see about getting someone to sit with C6 but was AMAZINGLY UNSUCCESSFUL. I thought that I would have to bail on going to rehearsal. Then I thought- heyyyyy, why not try to bring C6 along? He likes the rock. He likes the roll. Maybe it'll work.

...and maybe monkeys'll fly outta my butt!

All the livelong day C6 had disagreed with EVERYTHING. EVerything! Every. Thing. Screamingly so. He even objected, tearfully, to my choice of shirt. ("NOOOO! NOT THE RED SHIRT!!!!!!") Now, I know I'm no fashionplate, but gimme a break, kid! He was in rare form, and so was I. By the afternoon, I was looking forward to the end-of-the-day C6 handoff to C5. I was looking forward to my big night out - rehearsal! (...and maybe even an ice-cold beer!) By the afternoon, I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I was sore. I was sweaty and gross. C6 was a screaming tornado of rage. I was a puddle of goo in an (apparently ugly) red shirt. How did I expect to have any kind of productive rehearsal???

We picked up my band mate Sarah, who lives nearby, and headed into Cambridge to the rehearsal space. C6 was excited to be out in the evening! And he was a little taken with Sarah and sang her a few songs, including "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Poo".

C6 really enjoyed the rehearsal space - especially the smelly hallway with all the doors! When we got into our rehearsal room, he met all my bandmates and shook hands, just the way his Dad taught him ("look'em right in the eye!") I set him up next to me on the floor with his Sesame Street Water Wow book, a drink and a snack. We put in some earplugs but they didn't stay in very long. I brought some big headphones, which he liked trying on at home, but those didn't stay on either. (I thought they'd muffle some of the volume.)

We started to play and C6 immediately grabbed the guitar pick from my fingers. I gave him a few to play with but he always wanted the one I was USING so I had to go without for most of the rehearsal. Oh, the sacrifices we Moms must make!

He was happy while we played, dancing a little bit, rockin' out, putting the earplugs in a line (making the MBTA Orange Line and Purple Line on the floor), sticking all the guitar picks in the little hollow area of the monitor, playing his egg shaker.

I was pretty much on autopilot, playing with one ear on the music and the other on C6, the majority of my attention on the boy. I kept thinking that C6 would "go off", or unplug something, crunch his snack into the very nice carpet...but he didn't do any of those things. He was excellent! I was very happy about that. My playing wasn't great, but it wasn't atrocious either. Under the circumstances, we both did great. Whew!

...he wants to go again next week and play the gween dwumset. I gave the Classic Mom Answer, "We'll See."

-Scurvyann. Rocknroll Mum, Over-n-out. xoxo

ps: BLAST FROM THE PAST! The photo is C6, age 2 months, sporting his "rock me" onesie, a gift from my pal Limey G.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

David Collins of The Upside Down Show!

Shane Dundas, Li'l Shane, Puppet, Li'l David, David Collins.
(The above photo brazenly swiped from the Umbilical Brothers
web site.)

Early this year I wrote a little comment on the Umbilical Brothers messageboard. The Umbilical Brothers are David Collins and Shane Dundas, who are also the talented duo on The Upside Down Show:

Comment: LOVE LOVE LOVE the upside down show! GREAT work. Where can I buy T shirts for my 2 yr old and myself?

How shocked was I to receive an email from an actual Umbilical Brother? (at least I think so...)
Answer: wicked shocked!

On May 13, 2007, at 3:38 AM, David Collins wrote:

you sent this message to our guest book many many moons ago and i am only now getting to it. please excuse my late response.

t-shirts... hmm. to my knowledge there is no merchandise available for the upside down show. not sure why. and i can't tell you when or if any is going to ever be on sale. unfortunately it's not up to us.

i'll let you know the next time we are performing live near you. and if any small garments are made.

until then, be well.

david (the curly headed one)

So of course I had to write back. And of course it took me forever because that's just how it goes:

On 26/08/2007, at 6:24 AM, Linda Pardee wrote:

Dear David,

Thanks so much for writing back to me - that is very kind. And *I* apologize for *my* late response as well!

I am hoping to catch your act if you ever get to the Boston area - I have caught snippets of your live act on Youtube - you guys are just fascinating!

I hope that things are going well for you and Shane. I want you to know that my son and I adore "The Upside Down Show" and I am sorry to learn that there will be no more episodes.

Your show is very important. It is fun for everyone, and I know that isn't easy to pull off. But you did it. I'm very sad that Noggin didn't get it.

I must say...I got a big chuckle out of the episode where a bucket is handed over instead of a bicycle helmet....
"what diiid you saaay???"

...and similarly I recall a gag in the icecream episode...shmuzzies ...with the word "truck"...
"what did you call me?????"

Now...I might just have a vivid imagination....or not...but you guys were riffin' on the "F" word, weren't you? C'mon - TELL!!!

Best of luck in all your future work. I know we'll be seeing lots more great stuff from the 2 of you.

Linda (Scurvyann)

I didn't really expect an answer but lo and behold...the answer to my Very Pressing Question!

Date: September 9, 2007 10:03:31 PM EDT

you know too much linda.

we got into trouble for the 'bucket' line, but eventually convinced them to leave it in. kids are going to have no idea and adults will get a kick out of it.

and had to fight for the 'truck' one as well. i'd forgotten about that one.

you are who we were making the show for it would seem.


HAHRrrrHHAHrhhaHR!!! That email made my day.

Oh Upside Down we will miss you. Please turn your attention to the Umbilical Brothers other offerings. Here is a little UmbiBros sumpthin-sumpthin - you can see the makings/inklings/sparks of the Upside Down Show in their act (...but it is kinda rated PG!)


Dropkick Murphys Redux And How I Spent My Summer Vacation

There's a wonderful article in this week's Boston Phoenix on The Dropkick Murphys. (Go ahead and read it...I'll wait!)

It reminded me that I forgot to mention my fantastic experience at their show last month! True to his word, Mr. Ken Casey, Dropkicks bassist extraordinaire, took care of me and C5. As promised - a comfy chair for my poor lame bones. And my Royal Arse was seated onstage. How's THAT for service?

Dropkicks shows are always amazing, but even moreso up close. Those guys are just so passionate about what they do - you can see it from the back row of the biggest venue, but to be right UP THERE is quite a special treat. It was an awesome show, in all respects. Extra credit goes to guitarist Marc Orell for not holding back for even one second - and because we were basically on top of him during the show. From the magnificence of the songs to the sheer strength of the performance to the crowd to everyone being so dannnng NICE to was, as They say, all good.

Hey looky up there - there's a picture of me and Ken and my CRUTCHES!

Which reminds me...I never really explained the crutches, did I? Originally thought to be a sprain, my mysterious painfully swollen ankle and knee (after a bazillion trips to a bajillion doctors and a few pretty scary moments...Lyme Disease? Lupus? Gout? "Gout. Gout. Let it all out. These are the things I can do without...") was diagnosed as "reactive arthritis". (I know - I never heard of it either.) It is an inflammation of the joints causes by a bacteria, in my case, food poisoning! KICKASS!!!

I spent a month on crutches, with a whole week entirely off my feet. I'm still recovering - I have a really um...sultry?...swagger. That is a lie. I have a goofy limp. But who cares. At least I can carry a cup of coffee across the room ALL BY MYSELF!!!

Anyhoo - I do NOT recommend spending a summer like this. Thank God I have a great family who rallied 'round and helped take care of me, and helped look after C6 during the daytime while C5 was at work. Thanks, Fam!

Which reminds me...Dropkicks are all about Family. I love that. At their Boston shows you can see their families on the stage - from little kids to old timers. The whole clan. Love! That!

Which reminds me...C6 is reeeeeally into the "Dwopkick Mowphys" (his pronunciation) - he is NUTS about their song "Shipping Up To Boston" - he totally rocks it. (I haven't shown him the video - a little much for a young'n.) The lyrics are about a sailor who lost his leg and is shipping up to Boston to find his wooden leg.

Which reminds befitting as it might have been for Scurvyann, I'm glad I didn't have to get a wooden leg!

HEY-oh! (see what I did there?)

Scurvyann, over-n-out!

PS: The new Dropkicks' album, The Meanest of Times is out next week - be sure to get it!

PSS (...or is it PPS?): a couple of pix from the show...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Retro Bathing Suit BONANZA

I wrote about my favorite bathing suit back in June. Now, I love my bathing suit. HOWEVER! Girl's Gone Child found the perfect retro suit for me! It is close to the same cut as my suit but woooooo! POLKA DOTS!!! Look here at Retrodress - the Esther Williams Collection!!! Here's my suit. I'm'a gonna git me some POLKA DOTS!

My Mum had an awesome navy blue with white polka dot suit back in the day. I always wanted one like it. Although Retrodress doesn't offer that exact combo, I could TOTALLY live with black suit-with-white-polka-dots!

And Fashiony-Fashiony Rebecca (Girl's Gone Child) is a polka-dotter too! HURRAH! Maybe we can start a CLUB!

I love polka dots I do.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Magic Garden

Well hello there! Here is – surprise! – another blast from the past. I'm sure y'all remember The Magic Garden. Anyone?

I tuned in to this show a lot - it was colorful and fun. The two stars of the show, Carole and Paula, would sing songs, tell stories (from the Story Box), tell jokes (in the Chuckle Patch), and hang out. And swing on swings! SWINGS!

But what I remember and love most about the show was the closing theme song - it sure is catchy. Seeya, SEEYA!

Their Hello Song was also catchy & cute.

According to their web site, it looks like Carole and Paula still perform now and them. I think that is GREAT!

Seeya, SEEYA!

Scurvyann, over-n-out!

PS: At a party a while ago, the subject of conversation turned to kids shows from our youth. This one was a BIG hit with the lesbian contingent!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A You're Adorable

Last Summer my Mother-in-Law (Mimi) sang a sweet song to C6 called "A You're Adorable" and I instantly loved it. C6 did too! It goes through the alphabet in a fun way. It's an older song, released in 1949. I asked my parents if they knew the song and sure enough they did - and we all had a singalong at the picnic table. It is the cutest song! Adorable, if you will.

Here's a little sample of Perry Como's version of "A You're Adorable".

Shortly after this, I found a book with the lyrics in it and we enjoyed that too.

Imagine how psyched we were to find a vintage Sesame Street clip with the song in it! And Cookie Monster too!!! We can't get enough of this one - it's a keeper. We really really love this song. Thanks Mimi!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Electric Company and The Family Guy

Another compare and contrast with The Family Guy - this time with The Electric Company! (Compare and contrast with The Family Guy and Sesame Street right here.)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Calgon, Take Me Away!

As I've mentioned, I am totally addicted to Lush's Bath Bombs. But they ain't cheap! I needed to find a less-expensive substitute between Superbaths. So, when C5 and C6 were headed to CVS last week, I asked if they could pick me up some "Cheap bubble bath, bath salts...anything. Your choice - just not expensive." They returned with a box of Calgon "English Garden" Bubble Bath. It was $2.99. Perfect!

The box had a really strong floral scent and I wondered if it would be overpowering in the tub. I had to test it out! Honestly? I wasn't expecting much. Surprisingly, the bubble bath turns the water a soothing blue color. And it is pretty smelly but I got used to it. Funny, I don't recall this "bubble bath" actually making bubbles! The BEST part (besides the price) is that it makes your skin sooooo soft! And it stayed nice and soft, too. I was surprised about that. Bonus: the tub doesn't get too messy, which is nice.

I got 4 nice baths out of this box for less than the price of one Lush bathbomb!


Saturday, September 1, 2007

The World of Commander McBragg

Yes, yes. Still feelin' kinda nostalgic. I'm remembering more old cartoons I enjoyed as a youngster. Oh how I loved The World of Commander McBragg! Quite.

Wow! - Lookit all them guns!!! It sure was a different time, wunnit?