Sunday, September 2, 2007

Calgon, Take Me Away!

As I've mentioned, I am totally addicted to Lush's Bath Bombs. But they ain't cheap! I needed to find a less-expensive substitute between Superbaths. So, when C5 and C6 were headed to CVS last week, I asked if they could pick me up some "Cheap bubble bath, bath salts...anything. Your choice - just not expensive." They returned with a box of Calgon "English Garden" Bubble Bath. It was $2.99. Perfect!

The box had a really strong floral scent and I wondered if it would be overpowering in the tub. I had to test it out! Honestly? I wasn't expecting much. Surprisingly, the bubble bath turns the water a soothing blue color. And it is pretty smelly but I got used to it. Funny, I don't recall this "bubble bath" actually making bubbles! The BEST part (besides the price) is that it makes your skin sooooo soft! And it stayed nice and soft, too. I was surprised about that. Bonus: the tub doesn't get too messy, which is nice.

I got 4 nice baths out of this box for less than the price of one Lush bathbomb!


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AnG said...

What's it like to take a bath? I haven't taken a bath in a few thousand days. I use my HUGE tub as a laundry basket. Yes, I know... but there really isn't anywhere else to put the dirrrrty laundry. We've tried, but we just keep it in the tub. I'm lazy... You can join in on my laziness here: