Thursday, September 6, 2007

A You're Adorable

Last Summer my Mother-in-Law (Mimi) sang a sweet song to C6 called "A You're Adorable" and I instantly loved it. C6 did too! It goes through the alphabet in a fun way. It's an older song, released in 1949. I asked my parents if they knew the song and sure enough they did - and we all had a singalong at the picnic table. It is the cutest song! Adorable, if you will.

Here's a little sample of Perry Como's version of "A You're Adorable".

Shortly after this, I found a book with the lyrics in it and we enjoyed that too.

Imagine how psyched we were to find a vintage Sesame Street clip with the song in it! And Cookie Monster too!!! We can't get enough of this one - it's a keeper. We really really love this song. Thanks Mimi!

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