Saturday, September 22, 2007

A quick one...

Me: (driving past the back of my old elementary school, on a detour) Whoah! That's the back of my old elementary school! When I was a little girl, I played kickball RIGHT! THERE! MASSIVE FLASHBACK!

C6: Mummio! Whatsa massive flapjack?

Me: Massive flapjack - whoah! HAHRHH!!! That is awesome! Well - I said "Massive Flashback" because I was remembering being in the playground playing kickball. That's a flashback. And massive means biiiiiiiiig. But I like what you said - "Massive Flapjack"!!! Like a BIG PANCAKE!

C6: Mummio! I wanna make you some REALLY REALLY BIG PANCAKES!!! Massive FLAPJACKS!

Me: Well all riiiiigheeeeeeet!!! MASSIVE FLAPJACKS!



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