Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Now that C6 is into more adventuring, and so am I, I'm looking for more stuff for us to do together. I like music. He likes music. We did a Gymboree music class last year and that was okay, but that's not really the kind of music either of us adore. A couple of weeks ago I came across an article on Baby Loves Disco, which is a dance party held at rockclubs during the daytime for toddlers & their parents to get their groove on. There are venues throughout the country that hold these monthly events. It sounds like fun, though I'm searching for the rock alternative to the disco music. Anyhoo, we were planning to go to the next one. Then, yesterday's Boston Globe ran an article on it. I thought "uh I'm never gonna get tix!" and sure nuff, the next 2 months are already sold out! That'll learn me for taking my time.

I just came across something that sounds so perfect...but too far away for us to really be part of. It is a cable access tv show based in Washington DC called Pancake Mountain. And it looks so AWESOME. It's a kiddie indie rock dance party tv show, with really great bands performing!!! Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, X, Kaiser Chiefs, Buzzcocks, Garbage, Subways, Undertones, Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins, Flaming Lips...WOW!!! I'll check to see if it is on in the Boston area. I just ordered a DVD! I

I am currently obsessing over The Ace Of Cakes, a show on the Food Network about a group of kickass cakemakers in Baltimore. I'd love to work there. I mean, if I knew how to bake and decorate cakes. (Though C6 and I made some pretty amazing cupcake guys last week.)

This morning C6 couldn't get enough of "Twiggy Twiggy" by Pizzicato Five. Also, he can't get enough of that periscope amplifier thing on Teletubbies. What do you call that thing??? Lastly, he has been jiving of late to "The Ticket Was Non-Refundable" by Ad Frank. Our choreography is gettin' quite elaborate!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Right On!

• Now I've done it. I stumbled into a bunch of Electric Company stuff on You Tube. I can't believe how the tunes of so many of these songs have stayed with me. Like this one:

• Right on!

• In other news...The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players are on Jack's Big Music Show! HAHHrhAHrhH!!!! Love that!

• Me likey: Local author Steve Almond writes a blog about being a dad. I loved his book "Candyfreak".

• Lastly, I don't like the word "Mommy". Unless a little kid is saying it I suppose. But even then. I'm "mama" or "mum" or "mummy" or eventually maybe "mumsy" (that's what I call my mum). Like, when people refer to moms as mommies that's just blearghhhhhhh-y.

• I survived my bignewyorkrocknrollweekendnight...but just barely! WHEW!

Friday, January 26, 2007



A tidal wave of illin' has touched down at our house. It has been spew-central over here for the past couple of days. Luckily, C6 is the only font of spew - so far. I'm keepin' my fingers crossed that I don't get the full-on pukes.

Must. Fight. Sickness. For Saturday I must rock once again.

Do it for the rock, Lin. Do it for the ROCK.

(...and also the Roll. Can't forget about the roll.)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I forgot to mention that I TORE through "Alternadad" by Neal Pollack. A lot of it was eerily familiar. Eeeeeeerily. Lots of it struck home with me and I couldn't put it down - I read late, late, late into the night! Highly recommended for anyone, not just parent-types. So read it! Neal Pollack, you rockkkkkkkkkk.


Guess what! I didn't forget how to play bass. The show went really well and I am so looking forward to our next one - this Saturday in Noo Yawk. Hurrah! (Saturday, Jan 27 @ Piano's on Ludlow, NYC. 10pm)

On the homefront: C6 and I have been having some bigtime battle royales. In the past couple of days he has discovered that he has the ability to scale any and every tall structure in our house. Every day just gets so much more interesting!!! Now, all the things I had hidden up on high shelves must be moved to even higher ground. Up on the rooftop? I'm running out of room.

Yesterday I caught him hiding in the corner with a gluestick. Then he was running around with a silver photo frame with his baby photo in it. This morning he got his hands on a snowglobe and a little tub of blistex. I confiscated the items and now I'll never know what he was planning to build from them.

In other news, after a couple years off, I started to watch "24" again. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. I LOVE watching it, I LOVE the intensity of it - but I get all nervous-like.

Unlike when I watch "Jack's Big Music Show" with C6. On today's episode, Andrew Bird was a guest! He was appearing as "Dr. Stringz" - he showed up, sang a ditty, played mandolin, violin, etc. and fixed Mary's broken dulcimer. (photo from

I am so happy that I get to see some really great stuff on kids tv once in awhile. But I do wish that Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego would just GO AWAY.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

"I Hog The Ground" by Steve Burns and Steven Drozd

Here it is! C6 and I totally dig this song. (See previous post)

EDIT: looks like this video is no longer on YouTube. Watch it here, on the noggin website.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I have to admit, these past couple of years have been interesting in terms of how I think of myself. Because, for the most part, I haven't really thought of *myself* all that much during this time. It's been all about the boy. A good thing, for sure. But I've been able to start balancing out my "mom life" with my previous life, and it is working out great! It is nice to feel like my old self again, but new-n-improved, "Same Great Linda, now with more C6!" I'm really excited to be playing bass again - I've a show at TTs next week, and in NYC the following week (both w/Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women). Glorioski!

Have you heard of Neal Pollack? He's hilarious! He's a dad who writes about being a dad, while maintaining his pre-dadhood life. So you can see why I enjoy his writing, right? I just ordered his book "Alternadad" and can't wait til it arrives in my mailbox. I am happy to see that he is getting good press for the book. I was sorry that I had to miss his appearance at Great Scott last night though. I would've loved to see him - but it was time to rehearse for ze upcoming showzen. [EDIT: his appearance is actually this coming Wednesday...but I'll still have to miss it for rehearsal. DAAAAAAAAAAAANG!]

Yesterday, C6 and I took a trip into Inman Square, Somerville and visited StellaBella Toys. I love that place! There's a little play area in the back of the store with a seesaw, little toy pony, and one of those things filled up with lotsa BALLS that you just sort of swim around in. What are those things called, anyway? There were a few young chaps in the play area and C6 made friends. I'm happy that he has a pretty good track record of being polite ("Oh! Hi! Hello!") but not too in-your-face. I hope this lasts. We hit the 1369 coffeehouse afterward for a yummy brownie to go. I really like that neck of the woods.

Last weekend, the Calvins and I went to the playground/park right outside of Harvard Square. I don't know what the name of the park is. It's a really nice playground, and everytime we go, the parents we cross paths with are always chatty and nice. We met a big dog named Jackson (good dog name). It was early on Sunday morning, so not much was open, but we did manage to find an m&m cookie (one of c6's faves). We are all about the baked goods, us.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Yesterday C6 and I saw a great new video from "Jack's Big Music Show" on the Noggin channel. It was Steve Burns (the guy who was Steve on "Blue's Clues") and Steve Drozd from The Flaming Lips doing a song called "I Hog The Ground". About Ground Hogs. And if you know me, you might know that I appreciate the Ground Hog. Anyway, the song had this recurring guitar riff that was AWESOME. C6 was totally air guitaring. And, thanks to the miracle of Comcast DVDR, we were able to rewind it and watch it again. And again. And again. And, well, y'know. I love Jack's Big Music Show, and I hear that Jon Stewart is going to be on an upcoming episode! The Noggin people are doing it right. Thanks, Noggin!

In related seems that my beloved UPSIDE DOWN SHOW might be short lived. Shane and David, the stars of the show (also known as The Umbilical Brothers) are afraid of being stuck in the role of children' entertainers. NOOOOO!!!!! I took a look at some of their stuff on YouTube and the Upside Down is pretty much taken from their original act. Except the part where they take turns flippin' eachother the bird, most creatively. HAHRHh. I adore them so. I hope they'll reconsider doing the Upside Down Show - we really need this show!!!

Bug Girl on

Here's me rockin' with Orbit a couple of years ago. I'm a bug! Or maybe Marilyn Manson's cousin.

bug girl on