Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Right On!

• Now I've done it. I stumbled into a bunch of Electric Company stuff on You Tube. I can't believe how the tunes of so many of these songs have stayed with me. Like this one:

• Right on!

• In other news...The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players are on Jack's Big Music Show! HAHHrhAHrhH!!!! Love that!

• Me likey: Local author Steve Almond writes a blog about being a dad. I loved his book "Candyfreak".

• Lastly, I don't like the word "Mommy". Unless a little kid is saying it I suppose. But even then. I'm "mama" or "mum" or "mummy" or eventually maybe "mumsy" (that's what I call my mum). Like, when people refer to moms as mommies that's just blearghhhhhhh-y.

• I survived my bignewyorkrocknrollweekendnight...but just barely! WHEW!

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