Thursday, August 21, 2008

c6, fiona, and elvis costello.

This is the biggest fun we've had on the porch in quite awhile:

No apologies for the abundance of cute.

Loving the Alpha Table

I am in LOVE with this table. I LOVE IT! Pricey though. Say, anyone wanna buy me an early (or late) birthday present?

Monday, August 18, 2008

I get distracted from my job, cuz I keep thinkin' 'bout the cob...

Had a sorta impromptu bbq gathering of the Dethmuffen gang this weekend. If I had tried to plan this weeks ago, it probably wouldn't have happened! Glad it did. It was good to see my old bandmates, bandspouses, bandkid, and our band 'Denmother' Sally Frank again! BONUS FUN PARTY PEOPLE: bandbrother, bandniece and bandnephew!

C6 had fun romping around and playing with Adam & Janine's little girl Fiona, age 2 1/2. Actually she's not that little - she's about as tall as C6! (Adam's a realllly tall guy.) There was dancing! Splashin' in the kiddie pool! The bubble machine was in overdrive! POPSICLES!

Janine made Roseanne Cash's Potato Salad, and it is really yummylicious. Who knew curry powder and pickles could make potato salad so awesome? I didn't! They do!

C5 enlisted Kevin to be the official cheeseburger tester. Well done, Kevin! (Or, medium rare!HAHRHARH!!!!)

Here's Ad and Leesa singing the famous corn song by
The Corn Sisters
. Note my ***SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECT!*** (...wait for it.)

Good times. Good times.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacation, all I ever wanted!

Maxxin' and relaxxin' at Cahoon Hollow, Wellfleet, MA.

Summer Breeze! Makes me feel fine,
Blowin' through the jasmine in my mi---ind!

(beew beew beeeeew beew, beew beew...)

Overheard at the Playground...

Today at the playground I overheard this nugget of pure comedy gold:

BOY1: "What did the ghost say to the bee?"
BOY2: "I don't know. What?"
BOY1: "Boo, bee!"
BOY2: "Hahah - Boo bee! Boo bee! Boo bee!" (etc.)

...and I immediately rushed home to tell you all my new favorite joke. The end!

ADDENDUM: After telling my good friend Ad this little gem, he improved it a bit..."What did the ghost say to the SWARM of bees?" "Boo, bees!" I agree that is much, much better.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Beatles: HELP!

Greetings from Wellfleet, MA! We had a lovely day with friends - a little bbq, a little beachin', total vacation mode. Ahhhhhh.

I stayed up late tonight watching the fantastic Beatles movie HELP! I first saw this movie when I was 7 years old and it really changed my life. (Really!) Special thanks to my brother Dave, for insisting I watch it back then. I remember him saying "I think you'll like this movie!" And I totally did! (Also thanks again to Dave for getting me the DVD!)

My Mom got me the album in exchange for my agreeing to wear a pretty white dress for my first communion. (I was really against the wearing of dresses back in the day). I became OBSESSED with Ringo and wanted to change my name to Ringo. (My Mom said I could change my name to Ringo when I was 18. But by then I wasn't really as into the idea.) I thought I looked like him. We had similar haircuts and noses, and I was about as tall as him. HAHRhHRH!!!! (see haircut photo up there on the right.)

As I watched and listened tonight (with headphones) I was really sucked back in time - I listened to the album CONSTANTLY as a youngster. And I remembered the part where my well-worn record would skip during the marching band instrumental song - it sounded weird to me tonight when I heard it NOT skipping. HAHRHH.

Tonight though, something new. Ringo was my first Beatle crush. Then, in junior high, I was ALL about John. Tonight? George! Ahh, George. How did I never have a yen for George??? (*sigh!* he's so dreamy!) I guess I'll hit my Paul phase when I'm 64. (*groan*) Sorry.

Hey! It's a thingie! A fiendish thingie!