Monday, February 25, 2008

Rock-n-Romp Boston a SMASHING SUCCESS!

Yesterday's first ever Boston ROCK-N-ROMP was fab! Great turnout, bands, guest authors, activities, fun! Well done, Kerry & Carl!

It was so nice to hang with friends I hadn't seen in quite awhile. A lot of conversations were of the minute-and-a-half variety - (oops, gutta reel in the kiddo before he unplugs all the band's pedals and right back...etc.) I liked seeing all the next generation rockers out there. I don't think I saw one kid who wasn't having a good time. It was cute to see the teeny tiny babies rockin' out too.

We enjoyed the music of Wonderful Spells and Bon Savants (though we ran out of steam after a few hours of rockin' and rompin' and had to leave halfway through the Bon's set). Jarrett J. Krosoczka, the author of Punk Farm, (one our fave books!) was there and gave a great, energetic reading - everyone was involved! It was extremely punkrock, if you can believe it. Neal Pollack, author of Alternadad, did some mighty fine reading as well - this was more for the adults, but since some of his subject matter was about POOP the kids dug it, too. POOP! I loved when Neal asked the kids what their favorite bands were. I wish we had been up front for that part - C6 and I would like to meet the kid whose favorite band is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!!! If you haven't yet read Punk Farm and/or Alternadad, I implore you to do so!

I got to thinkin' that the Rock-n-Romp wasn't so different from rock-n-roll days of yesteryear, spent chasing inebriated band members around the club, wondering if they were going to break something, have a rumble or get into some other kind of trouble...or end up covered in bodily fluids! HAHRHAHR. Ah, the good old days. (I'm exaggerating. None of my former bandmates were really THAT bad...were they?)

C6 was dancing up a storm in the area to the left of the stage at Great Scott. The dance floor in front of the stage was pretty packed, and C6 requires room to roam! I had to switch the videocam to "night vision" to film this, that's why it looks a little strange. Here's C6 dancing in the darkness to the tunes of Wonderful Spells. They were wonderful!

We can't wait to go back to Rocknromp - word is, the next one's in April - see you there!

The squeaky wheel gets the rock! Hurrah!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scavenger Hunt and PEPPA PIG!

Lately, C6 and I have been WAY into SCAVENGER HUNTS. I will make a bunch of notes leading one to another, going all around the house, up and down, and back again. I read the notes with C6, showing him the words. Sometimes I draw pictures on them too. The first scavenger hunt we did was on his birthday and there was a present at each spot - (whoops, big mistake!) There weren't too many stops on that scavenger hunt. Nevertheless, nevermore! Now there's merely one prize at the very end of the hunt, and it is something small, like a little notepad, etc.

That being said, today's scavenger hunt's prize is kind of big. It was something I was going to give C6 anyway - so why not make it into a GAME? The prize is a DVD of PEPPA PIG! We've only seen tiny shorts of this fun little Brit cartoon on Noggin (or Nick Jr.?), between shows. It is a truly adorable cartoon about Peppa Pig and her piggy family. It cracks me up that every 3 sentences or so, whichever pig is speaking just lets out an oinky snorty pig noise. HAHRHR! It is simply drawn and we luv it. Here's a little promo for Peppa Pig!

...and here is a fun Peppa Pig game that C6 is diggin'.


ADDENDUM: C6 likes to make "Scabenger Hunts" for me, too. He writes down some letters on different colored papers and puts them throughout the house. We go from one to the next...I ask him to read the clues to me. C6 is getting quite good at writing his letters and some numbers! Scabenger Hunts rule, O.K.!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Here Come The 123s even better than Here Come The ABCs!

Ah, thank you, thank you They Might Be GIants! (Or "John and John" as we call them here in our house.) We've been cooped up for days and days with a nasty cold/flu thing. When "Here Come The 123s" arrived in our mailbox a couple of days ago I couldn't have been more excited! (We've been WAITING!) We popped in the DVD and enjoyed the heck out of it. Our favorite song at the moment is "Figure 8". It's a rocker. And it has a zamboni in it! The song itself reminds me a little of a pepped up version of "So You Wanna Be a Rocknroll Star". We watched the video 11 times in a row yesterday. We love it! C6's next favorite is "Nine Bowls of Soup" and then "One Dozen Monkeys". The animations are all very fun and cool, and of course the "John and John" puppets are hilarious. (I like when John F. puppet does the "Can you hear me now?" Verizon guy thing - he DOES look just like him!) Anyway, just a quick little blurb for today - now it is back to my sickipoo little boy. Do pick up "Here Come The 123s" and enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Scurvyann over-n-out6t7n5t65bntt6tyrttggggggggggggT(C6 is 'helping' me now).

ADDENDUM: Listen to tracks from "Here Come The 123s" here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rock N Romp Boston update

The Rock-n-Romp show mentioned here is now on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24th at 3:00. Same place! Seeyas!