Friday, February 8, 2008

Here Come The 123s even better than Here Come The ABCs!

Ah, thank you, thank you They Might Be GIants! (Or "John and John" as we call them here in our house.) We've been cooped up for days and days with a nasty cold/flu thing. When "Here Come The 123s" arrived in our mailbox a couple of days ago I couldn't have been more excited! (We've been WAITING!) We popped in the DVD and enjoyed the heck out of it. Our favorite song at the moment is "Figure 8". It's a rocker. And it has a zamboni in it! The song itself reminds me a little of a pepped up version of "So You Wanna Be a Rocknroll Star". We watched the video 11 times in a row yesterday. We love it! C6's next favorite is "Nine Bowls of Soup" and then "One Dozen Monkeys". The animations are all very fun and cool, and of course the "John and John" puppets are hilarious. (I like when John F. puppet does the "Can you hear me now?" Verizon guy thing - he DOES look just like him!) Anyway, just a quick little blurb for today - now it is back to my sickipoo little boy. Do pick up "Here Come The 123s" and enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Scurvyann over-n-out6t7n5t65bntt6tyrttggggggggggggT(C6 is 'helping' me now).

ADDENDUM: Listen to tracks from "Here Come The 123s" here.


LEstes65 said...

Dude, I am all OVER that! I'm going out toy shopping with the wee bairne tomorrow. I will be sure to look for it.


LEstes65 said...

I have been hunting for this CD in local shops. To no availe, as of yet. I may have to resort to buying online. Which I prefer not to do. Unless the Giant boys have their own site and sell it themselves. Then I like giving my money when it goes mostly to the artists.

I'm rambling. I'm actually rambling in your comments. Damn I need to get out more.