Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scavenger Hunt and PEPPA PIG!

Lately, C6 and I have been WAY into SCAVENGER HUNTS. I will make a bunch of notes leading one to another, going all around the house, up and down, and back again. I read the notes with C6, showing him the words. Sometimes I draw pictures on them too. The first scavenger hunt we did was on his birthday and there was a present at each spot - (whoops, big mistake!) There weren't too many stops on that scavenger hunt. Nevertheless, nevermore! Now there's merely one prize at the very end of the hunt, and it is something small, like a little notepad, etc.

That being said, today's scavenger hunt's prize is kind of big. It was something I was going to give C6 anyway - so why not make it into a GAME? The prize is a DVD of PEPPA PIG! We've only seen tiny shorts of this fun little Brit cartoon on Noggin (or Nick Jr.?), between shows. It is a truly adorable cartoon about Peppa Pig and her piggy family. It cracks me up that every 3 sentences or so, whichever pig is speaking just lets out an oinky snorty pig noise. HAHRHR! It is simply drawn and we luv it. Here's a little promo for Peppa Pig!

...and here is a fun Peppa Pig game that C6 is diggin'.


ADDENDUM: C6 likes to make "Scabenger Hunts" for me, too. He writes down some letters on different colored papers and puts them throughout the house. We go from one to the next...I ask him to read the clues to me. C6 is getting quite good at writing his letters and some numbers! Scabenger Hunts rule, O.K.!

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LEstes65 said...

I need to make a Scabenger hunt for the boys. Good idear.

Hey, on a totally unrelated topic:

Lately, I have been trying to park in section C6 when given a choice. I was stuck with section C11 at the Austin airport recently as C6 was all taken (apparently, a lot of Austinites adore your kid, too). But it's a funny thing I do to entertain myself. When I can, I park in C6. And think of how retarded you would think I am. Or DO think I am. Whichever.