Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Good TV for kiddos & non-kiddos

The Upside Down Show is my newest favoritest show. It is one of those rare shows for kids that is bearable for adults. Even more than just bearable - I'd probably watch it if I didn't have a kiddo! It is hilarious, creative, silly, and smart. The link above brings you to a fun "Upside Down Show" activitiy on the Noggin website. Try it - it is FUN! Wicked fun!!! In general, the shows on the Noggin channel are pretty good. We love the between show animated bits with Moose and Zee (a bird). Moose, who is charming and adorable and plays the banjo, reminds me of my friend Couscous. HAhrhHR!!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Subject back in the loop. de looooop.


i'm a time traveller,coming at ya from the year 2004. i feel like i've been away for 2 years. i've missed a lot of stuff. but i've had a lot of cool stuff going on, too. (exhibit A: my 2 year old son, who keeps me hoppin that's fer sher).



i feel like i am slowly re-entering the outside world.

welcome, me!