Thursday, August 30, 2007

Paula Kelley is Swoonworthy!

Here is a supercool video by a musicbuddy of mine. Her name is Paula Kelley and you love her. She's been over on the left coast for a couple years now doing all kinds of wonderful music-y things.

I so adore this song called "You Gonna Make It?" Though the song and video came out a couple of years ago, they have PK's signature retrocool flair. The girl - she's got style to match her multi-talents. Watch this video and swoon with me now, won't you?


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuffy Tooth

Feelin' nostalgic again. Hey, anyone remember Tuffy Tooth? He was an advertising character for Colgate Toothpaste back in the '70's. I remember getting the Tuffy Tooth Dental Kit as a kid and I lovvvvved it. Our Mum sent away for the kits for us kids and they came in the MAIL - so superexciting to get MAIL!!!

The kit contained toothpaste, a toothbrush, one of those little dental mirrors, a little Tuffy Tooth comic book, a Tuffy Tooth plastic bag puppet. And (according to the ad below...I don't really remember this part) a little Tuffy Tooth pin. AND - I especially adored those red dye tablets you chew to see where you missed brushing. Gross! FanTAStic!

Anyhoo...lookyhere, I found a little Tuffy Tooth memorabilia at Flickr. NOW do you remember him? And do you remember MFP?? What the heck was MFP anyway? Whatever happened to MFP??? WTF???

Roadside Pictures, who posted this Tuffy Tooth advertisement at Flickr, has the most amazing collection of vintage ads! Take a look-see - and you will view such gems as the 60's era Risqué Hostess Snow-Balls ad! Woooo wooooooo!!!!

-Scurvyann, over-n-out

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Hipwaders!

Last week I got an email out of the blue from Tito of The Hipwaders, a California-based rock trio that writes and performs kiddo-friendly music. He had found me through The Lovely Mrs. Davis' site and thought that C6 and I might enjoy the music of his band. He based this guess on the music of C6's summertime playlist. Tito offered to send me his CDs and within a few emails and a few days here were the CDs! Now that's service.

By golly he was right! I sure do like what The Hipwaders are doing. Upon first listening I was really reminded of The Undertones. Tito's voice sounds remarkably like the Undertones' Feargal Sharkey!!! And that is a good thing. Besides the Undertones, I detect traces of The Reducers, The Buzzcocks, and The Beatles, among others.

The lyrics are at times wonderfully goofy but in no way dumb. There is lots of really clever wordplay and smartysmart lyrics in there - you will learn a thing or two listening to a Hipwaders song. (I did!) There are songs about different types of dinosaurs, earthquakes, insects, geometry...even the Dewey Decimal System, fercryinoutloud!

And I must say - the musicianship in this band is outstanding - totally solid. On top of that, lots of really authentic-sounding sci-fi blips and beeps and other kinds of sound effects pop up here and there. From track to track there is something for everyone - lots of fun little audio surprises on top of a rock-solid base. (And a rock-solid BASS too!) It is TOtally infectious.

I've got 2 CDs here : The Hipwaders which I think came out in 2005 and Educated Kid, out this year.

On The Hipwaders my favorite track at the moment is called "Silly Robot Dance", a herky jerky new-wavish number that reminds me a little of Human Sexual Response and/or Gang of Four. C6 and I are all about doing the robot dance in general, and now we have a special themesong. Pissa!

"Insect Safari" is another favorite - a jouncy rompy tune. All the bug voices and comments at the end are hilarious!!! "Those aren't stink bugs are they? THEY ARE STINK BUGS!!!"

On Educated Kid, I am particularly fond of "Geometry" - these songs will stay with the kids til they're in junior high Geometry class and trying to remember what an isosceles triangle is. Do I detect a theremin in the mix? Awesome. Also on this CD I am enjoying "Aiden's Train", a gentle-sounding, sweet little tale about a train that I know a Certain Shorty will love - listen for the train sound at the end!

These CDs both have scads of great tunes - I know that our favorites will shift about as we listen more.

You can buy Hipwaders CD via the links on their website. I recommend that you go ahead and do just that!

It makes me happy to hear another band that is making such fine music for kids and their parents. Hurrah! I see big things for The Hipwaders, a la Dan Zanes or Ralph's World. Bigger! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!!!

Here is a video of The Hipwaders in action. I always liked this song - "The Work Song" from Cinderella.

PS: Tito and I emailed back and forth a few times about our mutual admiration of The Jam. (Well maybe "admiration" isn't a strong enough word!) We had similar cases of affliction with The Jam when we were each starting out playing music. I confessed that I was obsessed with Bruce Foxton (bass player of The Jam) - I had a Rickenbacker bass...and I even had a Foxton mullet-ish hairdo and 2-tone loafers.

Oh come on. You had a mullet too.

Years later, I "stalked" Bruce Foxton when he was playing with Stiff Little Fingers at Mama Kin (R.I.P.) in Boston and he autographed my bass. He is one of my all time favorite bass players...but that's another discussion for another day!

Matt and Kim

A while ago, my friend Jen told me about this cute & fun rockmusic duo called Matt and Kim. I can't recall exactly (because I have a mind like a sieve), but she may have interviewed them for her webshow Cooking With Rockstars. In any case, I totally forgot about them til just now when I stumbled across their most excellent video on Youtube. Aren't they the funnest? C6 likes this song and video a LOT. I think kiddos would really dig this video...but it might give them a few IDEAS...

...C6 and I especially like the foodfight part, where they actually fight with food. HARHAHRH!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Bad Religion's coming to town!

Hooray! I've been waiting for Bad Religion to swing by the area on a non-Warped Tour show. I have nothing against the Warped Tour, mind you. C5 and I went once a few years back and it was pretty dang spectacular. Right now, I just wanna see mah boys. I'm always so very inspired when I see BR live - and I sure could use a little inspiration! Jay Bentley is one of my favorite bass players - but that's a discussion for a different day.

I'm really looking forward to seeing BR with Brooks Wackerman on drums. I saw him drumming for Tenacious D. last autumn and I was smitten. "Who is that drumming back there, dressed as Colonel Sanders?" It was Brooks. Brooks Wackerman. Whacker-Man! What a fine name for a drummer!!! Here's a video of The Colonel in action. (Heads up: Jack Black says a bad word in the intro. Jack Black? Swearing? Really? Oh my!!! HAhrHAhrhAR!!!)

Don't get me wrong - I was also a big fan of previous drummer Bobby Schayer. I will always treasure my Bobby Schayer autographed drumsticks!

The new Bad Religion album New Maps of Hell came out last month and it is chock full of your classic-sounding Bad Religiony fare. My favorite track is called "Honest Goodbye". C6 grooves to this one too, but he shares his favorite with C5 - that would be "Dearly Beloved", a more driving piece.

I can't wait to see them!!!

October 16th at the Roxy in Boston, with The Briggs opening - looking forward to hearing them too!

Go Red Sox!

Ah, Fenway Park. I like to get out to Fenway once a year to enjoy our Red Sox and the fabulous atmosphere of the ballpark. When you luck out and get a wonderful ballpark companion, great weather, and a good parking space, ain't nuthin' like it!

My best friend Robin and I were lucky enough to hit Fenway last month on such a fine evening. It was one of those magical nights - everything went well! From me driving in and finding a good parking spot to meeting up right on time at Cornwalls, to getting a seat at the bar at Cornwall's, which wasn't jam-packed, to having great weather...all was jussssst right. And we both so needed that!

Cornwall's was a great meeting up place, suggested by C5.
It is not right in the thick of things (or the "Belly of the Beast" as I like to say). But not too far a walk, either. Robin and I enjoyed a couple of delicious wheat beers - a perfect summertime bevvy. I think it is best served with a hunk of lemon or orange. Mmm! Our bartender knew how to properly pour Robin's Hacker-Pschorr to get all the yeasty yum out of the bottom of the bottle. Look at how happy we are!!!

A short walk and we were at Fenway and the fun continued!


  • Eat a hot dog. Robin suggested we get foot longs! And we did!!! Smart move.
  • Drink beer. I know ballpark beer is expensive and not so great but it always tastes good with a hotdog at the park!
  • Marvel at the old-school scoreboard I like to watch as the guy changes the numbers on the scoreboard by hand. Someday I would like to visit the little room behind the scoreboard!
  • Do the wave. The wave came around the park about 7 times before petering out.
  • Enjoy the music. I'm talkin 'bout the organ music (LOVE IT!!!) ...but sometimes the other music is okay. Except "Sweet Caroline" - Robin was beside herself with RAGE when that came on and everyone was singing the "so good" part. I did not enjoy that either. But I made sure to groove around in my seat during the fine organy tunes.
  • Eat peanuts. My husband, he sure loves them peanuts...and I caught his addiction. You get'em from the vendor outside the park. Salted please!
  • Wear peanuts on ears as earrings. A few years ago, I saw the peanut vendor doing this - he was an older gent and I just thought it was festive-n-fun. WARNING: it hurts a little bit! Here is a pic of me with my nut ears...

PS: They beat the Devil Rays that night!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Today's Boston Globe has an article on Steampunk! Steampunk? Here's a little exerpt of the article:

Steampunk has its roots in science fiction literature, where it describes a corner of the genre obsessed with Victoriana and the idea that the computer age evolved alongside the industrial. Steampunk stories, which started appearing with regularity in the 1980s, eschew clean and orderly visions of the future in favor of gas-lighted streets, steam engines belching toxic smoke, and dastardly villains inventing strange technologies.

Think of the movie "Brazil". Remember the old-fashioned, typewritery-computers? That is Steampunk.

I've been looking at lots of Steampunk stuff online of late. I first stumbled across A Steampunk Guitar on Most of what I've seen is just so beautiful. How I'd love to have a Steampunk keyboard!

There is a wonderful blog called Brass Goggles that has many examples of Steampunk items. Go see!


A great little Italian Restaurant

A while back (geez, I think it was in the springtime, yikers!) I got together with two dear hilarious friends. In my former lifetime, I worked with these two dear hilarious girlies at a small design company. Good times, good times.

Well! Ever so often one of us will send out the call to get together to catch up and have lots of delicious food and drink. We even came up with a silly little name for our trio but as it is slightly risqué I think I will withhold that info and keep yez guessing. (You'll probably imagine something way more bold or disgusting that what we came up with. But that is entirely up to you.)

For one such outing, Melinda suggested that we dine at a place called Vinny's At Night, an Italian restaurant in Somerville, MA. She told us that the restaurant was in the back of a little convenience store/deli and opened for dinner at night. They had delicious food and it was kind of a cool place. Sounded good to me! She told us that there is ANOTHER restaurant in Somerville called "Li'l Vinny's" but that was NOT the one. This was "Vinny's" on Broadway. Luckily, I managed to navigate myself to the right Vinny's. Awesome.

It was such a cool little place! I would love to go back. The atmosphere was kind of kooky - I really loved it!!!! There we were, seated at a table in the back of a store. There was a little bit of a separation between the dining area and the deli/store, but you still could see the shelves and counters and such in the front.

It is pretty small, but we got there at a good time and got a table right away. (If I remember correctly, Carolyn got there first and snagged our table. She's a real pro!) The music perfectly added to the atmosphere...I recall "Mambo Italiano"! Hey Mambo!!!

Melinda suggested we share some antipasti - you go up to the antipasto bar and pick out what you like - a great variety of authentic foods. Some kind of rice balls...Marinated veggies...all sorts of goodies...I ate some of everything and there was nothing I didn't enjoy. The food was delicious. I had shrimp scampi. (Scampi. Scampi! SCAMPI!!! - I always liked that word.) And of course some red vino - did we get Chianti? Details are foggy...maybe a tad too much vino???

It was something different...very delicious...very fun. If you live around here, why not grab a few friends you haven't seen in awhile and head on out to Vinny's and enjoy?! (But not Li'l Vinny's...although that's probably a decent place too.)

Upside Down Show...No More

photo: Simon Cardwell/Noggin

I was just thinking about The Upside Down Show and how I had lost track on if the show would be renewed. With sadness I share with you what I've just learned from TotTVWatch: there will be no new episodes. It was announced back in June. *sigh* I really thought that Noggin would "get" them. It was a wonderful show. Noggin continues to run the old episodes - set your TiVos & DVRs and record them all just in case...

Previous mentions here about Our Beloved Upside Down Show:
Good TV for Kiddos & Non-Kiddos
Seriously Addicted
The Upside Down Show

PS: I really enjoy TotTVWatch. I hope that Deanna will return to writing if it is in the stars.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here Come The 123's...preorder now!

I just read at Spare The Rock, Spoil the Child that They Might Be Giants' new CD/DVD is available to preorder at Amazon. Hooray! I'm a gonna preorder it right now before I forget.

We are really excited about this one since we heard about it (FLASHBACK!) back in April. Also I'm really jonesin' to see some more fine TMBG video as I can't seem to locate our DVD for "Here Come The ABC's". Now where did C6 hide it??? Maybe it is in his toy toaster...wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Sesame Street and The Family Guy

Yes, yes. I know. More Sesame Street. Big surprise. Yes I am obsessed. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

And so I present to you these 2 videos: The classic Sesame Street pinball counting animation, and The Family Guy's takeoff version. The Family Guy people did a fine job replicating it, don'tcha think?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Lowercase n

I apologize for so many Sesame Street videos - I can't seem to pull myself away! This is a video about Lowercase n. It is so melancholy! And it really, deeply affected me as a kid. I haven't shown it to C6 yet, but I will. Poignant melodies really sadden him so I think he'll take a pass on this one but who knows. It does have a happy ending though!!! (Oops...did I just wreck it for you?)

By the way, I have created a Videoplayer of C6's favorite Youtube videos - there's a link on the sidebar over there ----->
Or just click here to see it.
He is in LOVE with the orange that sings opera, and the video of the Sesame Street muppets on the subway. Now that is one groovy tune - extreme 70's music and lyrics "Buy a token now for a ride that's SUPER WOW on the subway!!!" Dig it!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Barbie's Pooper Scooper!

Ummmm....what is that Barbie is feeding to her doggie?

PS: I do believe this is one of the bajillion toys recalled by Mattel.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chapi Chapo!

Here is another little cartoon my little brother and I were really into. We were a bit older when "Chapi Chapo" was on - I believe that it was on Nickelodeon. I really loved the music - and we both really dug the part at the end where they do a bit of dancin'. Around that time I was into claymation and even made my own little claymation film of a little character ice skating across a chalkboard (leaving a chalk line). It was cute! Hm, I wonder whatever happened to my 'film'? Anyhoo - I present to you Chapi Chapo!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Goodbye, Jane Magazine - and - How To Have A Superbath

Oh no! I just got a little card in the mail telling me that there will be no more Jane Magazine, and that the remaining issues in my subscription will be replaced with Glamour. That stinks! STINKS! Jane Magazine was one of my guilty pleasures. And also a very important part of THE SUPERBATH.TM

Wot??? Have you never had a Superbath? Oh my! You really ought to! Here is How To Have A Superbath:

Run a nice warm bath and make sure to have your favorite bath products on hand. My ideal Superbath always includes a Lush Bathbomb.

It is nice to play music that makes you feel relaxed - one of my all-time favorite Superbath soundtracks is Madonna's Ray Of Light.

Be sure to have some easy-reading glossy magazines nearby. Jane was always my number one choice! I knew that when it came in the mail, it was time to have a Superbath! (Note: books will NOT do for a Superbath, no, no, NEVER! And no newspapers allowed!)

It is WONDERFUL if you are able to have a Bath Butler on hand to assist you and bring you a nice drink and bath-friendly snack. My favorite combo is a Bellini and a chocolate-covered strawberry. Our version of the Bellini is made simply with peach nectar and Champers. Easy peasy!

In my hardore Superbath days I would even light a nice scented candle, but it has been awhile since I've Superbathed to that extreme. And since the shorter of my two Bath Butlers (C6) shouldn't really be around an open flame, I forgo the candlelight. But it is worth it to have the Shorty assist with The Ritual Of The Fizzing Of The Bathbomb.

Goodbye Jane Magazine. I will miss you. I don't think that Glamour will be able to fill your shoes. I lovelovelove BUST Magazine, to which I also subscribe, but it doesn't have the exact Superbath vibe. Any suggestions?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sesame Street - Yip Yip!

We've been on quite the Old Tyme Sesame Street binge here, as you may have noticed. (I've been on crutches for a few weeks so we've been inside a lot - wotta summer, eh? Summer? BUMMER.)

Anyhoo, my younger brother and I LOVED this bit, back in the day. Still do! C6 is diggin' it as well. Yip! Yip! It puts a smile on my face, even though I can't run outside through the sprinkler...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

How Crayons Are Made

My how I loved watching this piece on "How Crayons Are Made" on Sesame Street long ago. C6 is really enjoying it, too!

As a youngun', I especially liked the part where the colored wax is scraped off the top of the mold. And the part near the end where all the colors come together. I'm amazed at the little details I remember, clear as day. Again, HOORAY FOR YOUTUBE!!!

I love to see things being made in a factory. The show "Unwrapped" on the Food Networkis a favorite for this very reason!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Going UP!

C6 has really embraced the climbing-up-on-things-and-getting-at-stuff-he's-not-supposed to thing. Sorry, no photos of him in action...a little hard to man the camera while having to pull him down off of the bookcase. ( is secured to the wall, thanks for your concern!)

This post, especially the illustration from made me chuckle...until I realized that's most likely what's in store for us here in C6land. The boy, he's a climber. What do you expect of a kid who is part monkey?

Scurvyann, over-n-out

Friday, August 17, 2007

Vintage Sesame Street-Counting 1-20

Do you remember this classic piece from Sesame Street? The tune has remained stuck in my head all these years. I showed this to C6 and he can't get enough of it! He especially loves the big machine thing, of course. As a young'un, I really liked watching the yogi guy morph into the psychedelic plant. Yeah. This is good stuff. Now I'm hungry for some Vegetable Pakoras and Chicken Korma!
Of course you remember that there was a version in Spanish as well...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Juice Pops

Homemade orange juice popsicles, with floaty blueberry suprises, YEAHHHH!!!

Here's how we made's WICKED HAAAAHD! (n't):
Pour orange juice into a homemade popsicle mold. (I got ours at Target - not a hard item to find.) Drop a couple of blueberries in each. Put the handles in. Freeze'em. It is kind of hard to remove the pops from the mold - you have to run it under hot water for quite awhile and gently jiggle'em out. Otherwise, you rip the handles right out and THAT'S NO GOOD!

C6 loves these orange juice popsicles. We like to pour grapefruit juice in one mold to make one grapfruit juice popsicle for Daddio.

We are going to make star baby ba na na perishote sherbet pops soon. Mmm.

Happy summertime!

Boys On The Docks!

A few weeks ago we went to a birthday bash - it was held at a lakehouse (or pondhouse?) in NH, a shorter drive than I imagined. What a beautiful place! I hadn't been lake-swimmin' (pond-swimmin'?) in a very long time. I am fond of ponds! I think lakes are great! It was such a wunnerful, wunnerful time - lots of kids, sunshine, beautiful scenery. A bunch of really great people. The hosts and birthday boy are neighbors, and are just the nicest folks. C6 was intrigued with his very first water balloon!!! He really enjoyed the water, and the dock. And so did I!

Soundtrack: Dropkick Murphys' Boys On The Docks. (Click for a little preview of the song.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

C6's mix CD

Here is C6's summertime playlist. The first 3 tracks are his latest faves and he totally rocks out to them! These aren't necessarily kid-friendly tunes (daggers...rifles! oh my!) but C6 digs'em a plenty. He loves singing the days of the week in "Police On My Back" and singing the chorus on "Sunday Morning"...

Take Me Out /Franz Ferdinand
Chelsea Dagger / The Fratellis
Police On My Back / The Clash
Sunday Morning / No Doubt
Pulling Mussels From A Shell / Squeeze
Everybody's Happy Nowadays / The Buzzcocks
Take It Or Leave It / The Strokes
Eaton Rifles / The Jam
Can't Wait One Minute More / CIV
Japanese Girls / Robbers on High Street
Girl / Beck
Da Da Da / Trio
The Love Cats / The Cure
Private Idaho / The B-52's
Joy to the World / Three Dog Night
I Walk the Line / Johnny Cash
Good Morning Starshine / Soundtrack from Hair
Yellow Submarine / The Beatles

I don't think I would've thought to include The 3 Dog Night and Johnny Cash songs if I hadn't read a little blurb somewhere about some little kids really diggin'em. Oh - the Johnny Cash idea was from Alternadad, that's right. I remember lovin' "Joy to the World" when I was a wee lass. I wanted a bullfrog for a good friend, too! (Especially one that always had some mighty fine wine. HAHRHHR!) C6 likes the Johnny Cash cuz it reminds him of a train.


  • C6 really likes Guster's song "Satellite", it even has a line about an "elevator to the moon". And we know how he feels about elevators.

  • Hey! How did I forget to include "Mellow Yellow"?! Oops...put it on the next one...

  • One day, not long ago, we heard C6 singing the words "Look In My Zero..." and humming a little tune. We finally figured out he was singing "Working Class Hero".

  • C6 is also quite taken with the tune of "Big Rock Candy Mountain" - it plays on one of his toys. Over. And. Over. And. Over...


PS: "Take Me Out" has a special place in my was on one of the 3 CDs I made to bring to the hospital when C6 was born. (Take Me Out. HHAhh - get it?) War's "Low Rider" was also on the CD. One day I'll show you the playlists from the CDs I made for the big event - one mellow, one nice rawk, one punk rawk fer strength.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Cambridgeport Baboon

I saw this sign for The Cambridgeport Saloon just outside of Central Square in Cambridge, MA. HAhrh!!! I wish it was open - I'd LOVE to hang out in a place called The Cambridgeport Baboon. Who wouldn't???

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

C6 has been taken with the band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for over a year. When he started to talk, one of his words was "Yeahyeahyeahs". I had several magazines with photos of them, and C6 would carry them around and talk to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Whenever we would hear their songs on the radio, he would stop and listen. He liked to sing along to "Gold Lion".

For awhile now, our bedtime stories have included the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In most of the stories, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will come to the Museum of Science, ride the elevators and eat Dippin' Dots with us. Sometimes we all go to the store and buy hats with feathers in them. Sometimes the Yeah Yeah Yeahs can't make it to the Museum, as they are on tour. But sometimes, they'll zoom to the Museum in their wickedcooljetplane just in time. C6 helps create the stories, and it is a lot of fun to hear what he comes up with.

This morning we watched the video of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Maps". C6 loves the different colored lights, and watches, mesmerized. After watching it a couple of times he asked me to tell him a story about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Together we made up a story about how the Yeah Yeah Yeahs wanted to come to town to make a video at the Museum of Science. Then C6 suggested we have them make the video at our house - so we described all the different parts of the video ...Nick the guitarist standing on the garden bench playing his guitar...Karen singing next to and in his playhouse in the yard...Brian the drummer rockin' out on his drumset on the deck...then the whole band playing basketball in the driveway...then Nick getting into C6's Cozy Coupe and zooming down the street (C6 said he'd give him a push)...etc. So, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, if you are stuck for video ideas, there you have it - give C6 a call and he'll set ya up.

(Here is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs website. I haven't shown it to C6 cuz of the bloody heads and stuff, y'know???)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

5 footed Mummio

C6, as The Doctor: How tall are you, Mummio?
Me, as The Patient: I'm 5 foot 5 and a half.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bat For Lashes - What's a Girl to Do

My latest favoritest video. I love this song, and the video is ultra creepy and cool. Observe:

Addendum: This song reminds me a little bit of The Stranglers song "Midnight Summer Dream". I've always loved this song, and hearing it again just transports me back...way back...maybe even to a previous lifetime?!

Note: The video I had originally posted of The Stranglers is no longer available. Drat! It was good!!! Here is a live version of the song.

Dropkicks, ahoy!

Hello, gang. Guess what? I've sprained my ankle terribly, and now my knee is twisty too! ¡Aye, carumba! What is a good remedy for such ailments? Why, going out to see The Dropkick Murphys, of course! I'll see you Friday at their show in Scranton, PA, where Mr. Ken Casey, bass player extraordinaire has promised that I "will be put in the most comfortable chair (he) can find, Goddammit!" Hooray! Hopefully it is closer to the band, and not the back door. HAHrhahrH!!!! I *so* need this show. (We're visiting family in PA and won't be far from the club ...we're not just driving down for the show. Though it would be worth it!)