Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Here Come The 123s!

They Might Be Giants are releasing another CD/DVD of kids music! A sequel to "Here come the ABCs", it is called "Here come the 123s"! HURRAH!!!

C6 and I have adored "Here Come The ABCs" since he was teeeeeny tiny. "Flying V" was "our song" for the longest time - - - I used to twirl him around his room to this tune when he was wee. All of the songs on "Here Come The ABCs" are so well-crafted and chock full o' fun. And the videos are so silly and cute. What's not to love??? We are so looking forward to hearing the new songs!

Too bad the tour isn't all ages. Guess I'll have to ditch the li'l guy and head out to western MA to catch the show on me own! (n't!)

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Kim said...

Hey, thanks for the link!

Hope you enjoy the show, I wanted to go here in New York but they sold out way too fast.