Monday, August 27, 2007

Go Red Sox!

Ah, Fenway Park. I like to get out to Fenway once a year to enjoy our Red Sox and the fabulous atmosphere of the ballpark. When you luck out and get a wonderful ballpark companion, great weather, and a good parking space, ain't nuthin' like it!

My best friend Robin and I were lucky enough to hit Fenway last month on such a fine evening. It was one of those magical nights - everything went well! From me driving in and finding a good parking spot to meeting up right on time at Cornwalls, to getting a seat at the bar at Cornwall's, which wasn't jam-packed, to having great weather...all was jussssst right. And we both so needed that!

Cornwall's was a great meeting up place, suggested by C5.
It is not right in the thick of things (or the "Belly of the Beast" as I like to say). But not too far a walk, either. Robin and I enjoyed a couple of delicious wheat beers - a perfect summertime bevvy. I think it is best served with a hunk of lemon or orange. Mmm! Our bartender knew how to properly pour Robin's Hacker-Pschorr to get all the yeasty yum out of the bottom of the bottle. Look at how happy we are!!!

A short walk and we were at Fenway and the fun continued!


  • Eat a hot dog. Robin suggested we get foot longs! And we did!!! Smart move.
  • Drink beer. I know ballpark beer is expensive and not so great but it always tastes good with a hotdog at the park!
  • Marvel at the old-school scoreboard I like to watch as the guy changes the numbers on the scoreboard by hand. Someday I would like to visit the little room behind the scoreboard!
  • Do the wave. The wave came around the park about 7 times before petering out.
  • Enjoy the music. I'm talkin 'bout the organ music (LOVE IT!!!) ...but sometimes the other music is okay. Except "Sweet Caroline" - Robin was beside herself with RAGE when that came on and everyone was singing the "so good" part. I did not enjoy that either. But I made sure to groove around in my seat during the fine organy tunes.
  • Eat peanuts. My husband, he sure loves them peanuts...and I caught his addiction. You get'em from the vendor outside the park. Salted please!
  • Wear peanuts on ears as earrings. A few years ago, I saw the peanut vendor doing this - he was an older gent and I just thought it was festive-n-fun. WARNING: it hurts a little bit! Here is a pic of me with my nut ears...

PS: They beat the Devil Rays that night!

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Shneed said...

ENRAGED was just the tip of the icerberg, my friend. Grrrrr.