Sunday, August 26, 2007

A great little Italian Restaurant

A while back (geez, I think it was in the springtime, yikers!) I got together with two dear hilarious friends. In my former lifetime, I worked with these two dear hilarious girlies at a small design company. Good times, good times.

Well! Ever so often one of us will send out the call to get together to catch up and have lots of delicious food and drink. We even came up with a silly little name for our trio but as it is slightly risqué I think I will withhold that info and keep yez guessing. (You'll probably imagine something way more bold or disgusting that what we came up with. But that is entirely up to you.)

For one such outing, Melinda suggested that we dine at a place called Vinny's At Night, an Italian restaurant in Somerville, MA. She told us that the restaurant was in the back of a little convenience store/deli and opened for dinner at night. They had delicious food and it was kind of a cool place. Sounded good to me! She told us that there is ANOTHER restaurant in Somerville called "Li'l Vinny's" but that was NOT the one. This was "Vinny's" on Broadway. Luckily, I managed to navigate myself to the right Vinny's. Awesome.

It was such a cool little place! I would love to go back. The atmosphere was kind of kooky - I really loved it!!!! There we were, seated at a table in the back of a store. There was a little bit of a separation between the dining area and the deli/store, but you still could see the shelves and counters and such in the front.

It is pretty small, but we got there at a good time and got a table right away. (If I remember correctly, Carolyn got there first and snagged our table. She's a real pro!) The music perfectly added to the atmosphere...I recall "Mambo Italiano"! Hey Mambo!!!

Melinda suggested we share some antipasti - you go up to the antipasto bar and pick out what you like - a great variety of authentic foods. Some kind of rice balls...Marinated veggies...all sorts of goodies...I ate some of everything and there was nothing I didn't enjoy. The food was delicious. I had shrimp scampi. (Scampi. Scampi! SCAMPI!!! - I always liked that word.) And of course some red vino - did we get Chianti? Details are foggy...maybe a tad too much vino???

It was something different...very delicious...very fun. If you live around here, why not grab a few friends you haven't seen in awhile and head on out to Vinny's and enjoy?! (But not Li'l Vinny's...although that's probably a decent place too.)

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