Tuesday, August 14, 2007

C6's mix CD

Here is C6's summertime playlist. The first 3 tracks are his latest faves and he totally rocks out to them! These aren't necessarily kid-friendly tunes (daggers...rifles! oh my!) but C6 digs'em a plenty. He loves singing the days of the week in "Police On My Back" and singing the chorus on "Sunday Morning"...

Take Me Out /Franz Ferdinand
Chelsea Dagger / The Fratellis
Police On My Back / The Clash
Sunday Morning / No Doubt
Pulling Mussels From A Shell / Squeeze
Everybody's Happy Nowadays / The Buzzcocks
Take It Or Leave It / The Strokes
Eaton Rifles / The Jam
Can't Wait One Minute More / CIV
Japanese Girls / Robbers on High Street
Girl / Beck
Da Da Da / Trio
The Love Cats / The Cure
Private Idaho / The B-52's
Joy to the World / Three Dog Night
I Walk the Line / Johnny Cash
Good Morning Starshine / Soundtrack from Hair
Yellow Submarine / The Beatles

I don't think I would've thought to include The 3 Dog Night and Johnny Cash songs if I hadn't read a little blurb somewhere about some little kids really diggin'em. Oh - the Johnny Cash idea was from Alternadad, that's right. I remember lovin' "Joy to the World" when I was a wee lass. I wanted a bullfrog for a good friend, too! (Especially one that always had some mighty fine wine. HAHRHHR!) C6 likes the Johnny Cash cuz it reminds him of a train.


  • C6 really likes Guster's song "Satellite", it even has a line about an "elevator to the moon". And we know how he feels about elevators.

  • Hey! How did I forget to include "Mellow Yellow"?! Oops...put it on the next one...

  • One day, not long ago, we heard C6 singing the words "Look In My Zero..." and humming a little tune. We finally figured out he was singing "Working Class Hero".

  • C6 is also quite taken with the tune of "Big Rock Candy Mountain" - it plays on one of his toys. Over. And. Over. And. Over...


PS: "Take Me Out" has a special place in my heart...it was on one of the 3 CDs I made to bring to the hospital when C6 was born. (Take Me Out. HHAhh - get it?) War's "Low Rider" was also on the CD. One day I'll show you the playlists from the CDs I made for the big event - one mellow, one nice rawk, one punk rawk fer strength.

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