Sunday, August 26, 2007

Upside Down Show...No More

photo: Simon Cardwell/Noggin

I was just thinking about The Upside Down Show and how I had lost track on if the show would be renewed. With sadness I share with you what I've just learned from TotTVWatch: there will be no new episodes. It was announced back in June. *sigh* I really thought that Noggin would "get" them. It was a wonderful show. Noggin continues to run the old episodes - set your TiVos & DVRs and record them all just in case...

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PS: I really enjoy TotTVWatch. I hope that Deanna will return to writing if it is in the stars.


Ashley said...

You aren't alone! There are many who have expressed their sadness over the loss of "The Upside Down Show" at Children's Media Consultant dot com.

Perhaps there's something we can do to let the network know there are a lot of us fans out here?


Dee said...

Thanks for mentioning Tot TV Watch! Glad you are enjoying the site. I was very sad to give up writing there, but perhaps it will be in the stars again someday.