Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Upside Down Show

If you've been reading all along, you know what a nut I am for The Upside Down Show. And you know that there's a big chance there won't be another season of the show.

I got an email from Deb, the moderator of the Umbilical Brothers messageboard - she wrote:
"...We wanted to let you know that forum users have started a write-in campaign to the cable network(s) to let them know how much we love the Upside Down Show and that a second season would be great. If you could take a moment, I've listed below how you could help out in the process. It's quick, it's easy and your feedback counts! (Here is the link to the posting in the Umbilical Brothers' forum.)

The emails don't have to be lengthy, just let them know how you and your kids feel about the Upside Down Show and you want them to make another season of the show. It really can make a difference! Feedback matters. So let's tell the network how we feel and what we want."

So please! Save "The Upside Down Show"!

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