Friday, March 16, 2007

Pancake Mountain!

C6 has been asking to watch our DVD of Pancake Mountain - he really likes the puppet named "Rufus Leaking". (Escpecially the part where Rufus gets his nose caught in an elevator door, natch.) My favorite part on the DVD we got is when Ted Leo starts to sing "The Wheels on the Bus", while playing an acoustic guitar to a group of kids. The kids hate it and want him to rock out. So Ted Leo, along with The Pharmacists, bursts into full band rockness. Awesome. I am going to have to get the rest of the DVDs!!!! This morning C6 and I were singing along to the theme song (performed by Anti-Flag). This is a great show!!!

Here is a little promo for Pancake Mountain I found on YouTube:

and here is Wayne from The Flaming Lips doing Karaoke with Rufus Leaking:

You can see why we love this show, right?!

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