Friday, March 16, 2007

Blinded me with SCIENCE.

So C6 and I headed off on an adventure Monday morning - we set off to the pissakeen Museum Of Science! I made sure we had an early start, but not TOO early, so we didn't hit rush hour traffic. It was great timing - we got there around 9:30, no traffic, no crowds. Hurrah! YAAAAAAY!!!!!!

First off, we visited the Butterfly Garden - it was smaller than I expected. Essentially, it is a room with butterflies flyin' all 'roun', with flora & fauna....quite nice. It was really hot in there! We saw BIG FAT GREEN CATERPILLARS!!!!! WOOOOO! C6 and I marveled at this huge butterfly that was big as a bird. That thing was HEFTY.

We both really dug the musical staircase - we spent a lot of time just going up and down, making a little tune.

We spent some time in the kids' "discovery zone' (i think that is what they called it) - an area for infants and toddlers. We got a kick out of the water table area, the xylophoney thing, and the giant lite-brite. Oh, and C6 especially liked the hand drying machines at the water area. Couldn't get enough of those.

We enjoyed some ICE CREAM OF THE FUTURE! It is called "Dippin' Dots" by Ben & Jerry. You may have had it before - it is little pellets of "ice cream" served in a tiny bowl. Maybe it is ice cream....or maybe it is plastic!? Tasty, tasty plastic.

There was so much to see! I know we'll be going there lots and lots in the upcoming years, so I didn't feel like we had to see EVERYTHING. I have many fond memories of the museum! As a kid, I especially loved the planetarium. Hey! I actually played a rock show IN the planetarium, back in The Day. I look forward to bringing C6 to the planetarium show eventually - I suspect he'll enjoy it as well.

But with all the wicked kewl stuff we saw at the museum, C6's favorite part? The elevators!

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