Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Starbaby ba na na perishote sherbet

C6 and I like to make smoothies from bananas, frozen strawberries and orange juice. So easy - just chuck it all in a blender and blend the hell out of it. Hint: when we don't get around to using up all our bananas before they get all BROWN, we just peel'em and stick'em in a ziplock and toss'em in the freezer. When you use the frozen bananas in a smoothie it makes it x-tra thick! You can make it thick enough to put in a bowl and eat with a spoon - YUM! THEN - if you are hardcore, as we are, you'll pour the smoooovie into a container and freeze it. THEN, scoop it up with an icecream scooper after it has frozen, and you have smoothie sorbet. But we call it strawberry banana periscope sherbet in our house. (C6's pronunciation is starbaby ba na na perishote sherbet. He is obsessed with that periscope/speaker thingie on Teletubbies). And I know it is not really sherbet. Shut up.

Lately, C6 has taken to eating his strawberry banana periscope sherbet with "training" chopsticks - they are connected at one end, with a little fish at the top. Know what they're called? Fishsticks!

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