Monday, March 26, 2007

C6's First Concert!

C6 diggin' the show

Yesterday, C6 and I, along with our friends Jen, Arlo, Rachel, and Vivian, went to see Dan Zanes and Friends in concert at the Somerville Theatre. (That is C6 in the lower left corner in the photo above.) It was so fun! C6 really enjoyed the music and dancing around.

Before the show, we even got to meet Dan himself! (Thanks, Jen!) He was very friendly and sweet. We also met Colin and Barbara, who were equally as wonderful. C6 had just woken up from a nap a few minutes before and was kind of unsure of the whole meeting-the-band thing, but he managed to pose for a photo without goin' off. I was HAPPY to be there! See?

Dan Zanes, Mummio & C6

pre-show snack at the Dan Zanes show

C6 sat down a LITTLE BIT but mostly he was up dancing in front of the stage, exploring the aisles, checking out the lobby, visiting the restroom and...riding the elevator. Yes, there was an elevator there, and sure enough, C6 found it within 30 seconds of entering the building. And once he knew there was an elevator in such close proximity, it was difficult to keep him away from it – but the magic of Dan Zanes and Friends reeled him in. The show was fanTAStic - Dan is really quite a showman! So much fun. And the band is ridiculously talented. I miss the players that are not in the band anymore, but the new crew does not disappoint in any way. The dude was totally rockin' the accordian! We are looking forward to seeing the band again.

Father Goose hits the stage!

C6 got his first concert merch - he is proudly sporting his Dan Zanes and Friends concert shirt today. Tis what one does, innit?

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