Thursday, March 15, 2007


I am hoping to see a Rock-N-Romp start up here in Boston soon. Rock-n-Romp is similar to the Baby Loves Disco thing, where parents and their kids get to listen to music and dance with their kids in a club on a weekend afternoon. But - Rock-n-romp is live bands! Live ROCK bands! They keep the volume down, and make it a little more family-friendly than your average rock show. Doesn't it look fun? So far, there are Rock-N-Romps in Austin, DC, Baltimore, and Memphis! Boston can't be far behind. I'd love to play at one of these things, but I'm afraid trying to organize a Boston Rock-n-romp is beyond me. Any takers?

UPDATE: This may happen sooooon! I shot an email to a person of fabulousness who has a *stellar* reputation in rock booking here in Beantown...and who happens to be a parent as well...and he's already on it. Pissah!

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