Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Hipwaders!

Last week I got an email out of the blue from Tito of The Hipwaders, a California-based rock trio that writes and performs kiddo-friendly music. He had found me through The Lovely Mrs. Davis' site and thought that C6 and I might enjoy the music of his band. He based this guess on the music of C6's summertime playlist. Tito offered to send me his CDs and within a few emails and a few days here were the CDs! Now that's service.

By golly he was right! I sure do like what The Hipwaders are doing. Upon first listening I was really reminded of The Undertones. Tito's voice sounds remarkably like the Undertones' Feargal Sharkey!!! And that is a good thing. Besides the Undertones, I detect traces of The Reducers, The Buzzcocks, and The Beatles, among others.

The lyrics are at times wonderfully goofy but in no way dumb. There is lots of really clever wordplay and smartysmart lyrics in there - you will learn a thing or two listening to a Hipwaders song. (I did!) There are songs about different types of dinosaurs, earthquakes, insects, geometry...even the Dewey Decimal System, fercryinoutloud!

And I must say - the musicianship in this band is outstanding - totally solid. On top of that, lots of really authentic-sounding sci-fi blips and beeps and other kinds of sound effects pop up here and there. From track to track there is something for everyone - lots of fun little audio surprises on top of a rock-solid base. (And a rock-solid BASS too!) It is TOtally infectious.

I've got 2 CDs here : The Hipwaders which I think came out in 2005 and Educated Kid, out this year.

On The Hipwaders my favorite track at the moment is called "Silly Robot Dance", a herky jerky new-wavish number that reminds me a little of Human Sexual Response and/or Gang of Four. C6 and I are all about doing the robot dance in general, and now we have a special themesong. Pissa!

"Insect Safari" is another favorite - a jouncy rompy tune. All the bug voices and comments at the end are hilarious!!! "Those aren't stink bugs are they? THEY ARE STINK BUGS!!!"

On Educated Kid, I am particularly fond of "Geometry" - these songs will stay with the kids til they're in junior high Geometry class and trying to remember what an isosceles triangle is. Do I detect a theremin in the mix? Awesome. Also on this CD I am enjoying "Aiden's Train", a gentle-sounding, sweet little tale about a train that I know a Certain Shorty will love - listen for the train sound at the end!

These CDs both have scads of great tunes - I know that our favorites will shift about as we listen more.

You can buy Hipwaders CD via the links on their website. I recommend that you go ahead and do just that!

It makes me happy to hear another band that is making such fine music for kids and their parents. Hurrah! I see big things for The Hipwaders, a la Dan Zanes or Ralph's World. Bigger! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!!!

Here is a video of The Hipwaders in action. I always liked this song - "The Work Song" from Cinderella.

PS: Tito and I emailed back and forth a few times about our mutual admiration of The Jam. (Well maybe "admiration" isn't a strong enough word!) We had similar cases of affliction with The Jam when we were each starting out playing music. I confessed that I was obsessed with Bruce Foxton (bass player of The Jam) - I had a Rickenbacker bass...and I even had a Foxton mullet-ish hairdo and 2-tone loafers.

Oh come on. You had a mullet too.

Years later, I "stalked" Bruce Foxton when he was playing with Stiff Little Fingers at Mama Kin (R.I.P.) in Boston and he autographed my bass. He is one of my all time favorite bass players...but that's another discussion for another day!

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