Monday, August 27, 2007

Bad Religion's coming to town!

Hooray! I've been waiting for Bad Religion to swing by the area on a non-Warped Tour show. I have nothing against the Warped Tour, mind you. C5 and I went once a few years back and it was pretty dang spectacular. Right now, I just wanna see mah boys. I'm always so very inspired when I see BR live - and I sure could use a little inspiration! Jay Bentley is one of my favorite bass players - but that's a discussion for a different day.

I'm really looking forward to seeing BR with Brooks Wackerman on drums. I saw him drumming for Tenacious D. last autumn and I was smitten. "Who is that drumming back there, dressed as Colonel Sanders?" It was Brooks. Brooks Wackerman. Whacker-Man! What a fine name for a drummer!!! Here's a video of The Colonel in action. (Heads up: Jack Black says a bad word in the intro. Jack Black? Swearing? Really? Oh my!!! HAhrHAhrhAR!!!)

Don't get me wrong - I was also a big fan of previous drummer Bobby Schayer. I will always treasure my Bobby Schayer autographed drumsticks!

The new Bad Religion album New Maps of Hell came out last month and it is chock full of your classic-sounding Bad Religiony fare. My favorite track is called "Honest Goodbye". C6 grooves to this one too, but he shares his favorite with C5 - that would be "Dearly Beloved", a more driving piece.

I can't wait to see them!!!

October 16th at the Roxy in Boston, with The Briggs opening - looking forward to hearing them too!

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Don't miss Bad Religion's Greg Graffin at Harvard 4/26: