Sunday, August 26, 2007


Today's Boston Globe has an article on Steampunk! Steampunk? Here's a little exerpt of the article:

Steampunk has its roots in science fiction literature, where it describes a corner of the genre obsessed with Victoriana and the idea that the computer age evolved alongside the industrial. Steampunk stories, which started appearing with regularity in the 1980s, eschew clean and orderly visions of the future in favor of gas-lighted streets, steam engines belching toxic smoke, and dastardly villains inventing strange technologies.

Think of the movie "Brazil". Remember the old-fashioned, typewritery-computers? That is Steampunk.

I've been looking at lots of Steampunk stuff online of late. I first stumbled across A Steampunk Guitar on Most of what I've seen is just so beautiful. How I'd love to have a Steampunk keyboard!

There is a wonderful blog called Brass Goggles that has many examples of Steampunk items. Go see!


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