Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

C6 has been taken with the band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for over a year. When he started to talk, one of his words was "Yeahyeahyeahs". I had several magazines with photos of them, and C6 would carry them around and talk to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Whenever we would hear their songs on the radio, he would stop and listen. He liked to sing along to "Gold Lion".

For awhile now, our bedtime stories have included the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In most of the stories, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will come to the Museum of Science, ride the elevators and eat Dippin' Dots with us. Sometimes we all go to the store and buy hats with feathers in them. Sometimes the Yeah Yeah Yeahs can't make it to the Museum, as they are on tour. But sometimes, they'll zoom to the Museum in their wickedcooljetplane just in time. C6 helps create the stories, and it is a lot of fun to hear what he comes up with.

This morning we watched the video of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Maps". C6 loves the different colored lights, and watches, mesmerized. After watching it a couple of times he asked me to tell him a story about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Together we made up a story about how the Yeah Yeah Yeahs wanted to come to town to make a video at the Museum of Science. Then C6 suggested we have them make the video at our house - so we described all the different parts of the video ...Nick the guitarist standing on the garden bench playing his guitar...Karen singing next to and in his playhouse in the yard...Brian the drummer rockin' out on his drumset on the deck...then the whole band playing basketball in the driveway...then Nick getting into C6's Cozy Coupe and zooming down the street (C6 said he'd give him a push)...etc. So, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, if you are stuck for video ideas, there you have it - give C6 a call and he'll set ya up.

(Here is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs website. I haven't shown it to C6 cuz of the bloody heads and stuff, y'know???)

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marlatiara said...

You have the coolest kid, hands down. Maybe he can be Ruby's mentor and some of his coolness will rub off on her. Whoa.