Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Goodbye, Jane Magazine - and - How To Have A Superbath

Oh no! I just got a little card in the mail telling me that there will be no more Jane Magazine, and that the remaining issues in my subscription will be replaced with Glamour. That stinks! STINKS! Jane Magazine was one of my guilty pleasures. And also a very important part of THE SUPERBATH.TM

Wot??? Have you never had a Superbath? Oh my! You really ought to! Here is How To Have A Superbath:

Run a nice warm bath and make sure to have your favorite bath products on hand. My ideal Superbath always includes a Lush Bathbomb.

It is nice to play music that makes you feel relaxed - one of my all-time favorite Superbath soundtracks is Madonna's Ray Of Light.

Be sure to have some easy-reading glossy magazines nearby. Jane was always my number one choice! I knew that when it came in the mail, it was time to have a Superbath! (Note: books will NOT do for a Superbath, no, no, NEVER! And no newspapers allowed!)

It is WONDERFUL if you are able to have a Bath Butler on hand to assist you and bring you a nice drink and bath-friendly snack. My favorite combo is a Bellini and a chocolate-covered strawberry. Our version of the Bellini is made simply with peach nectar and Champers. Easy peasy!

In my hardore Superbath days I would even light a nice scented candle, but it has been awhile since I've Superbathed to that extreme. And since the shorter of my two Bath Butlers (C6) shouldn't really be around an open flame, I forgo the candlelight. But it is worth it to have the Shorty assist with The Ritual Of The Fizzing Of The Bathbomb.

Goodbye Jane Magazine. I will miss you. I don't think that Glamour will be able to fill your shoes. I lovelovelove BUST Magazine, to which I also subscribe, but it doesn't have the exact Superbath vibe. Any suggestions?

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