Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rock n Romp Boston is HERE!!!

This just in...Rock-n-Romp is starting up in Boston in just a couple of weeks! What's Rock-n-Romp? Basically, a daytime rockshow for parents and their kids - with music that isn't "kids music" per se, but is kid-friendly. Read here for my previous blabbin'.

I recieved this very megasuperwickedultra important missive from Kerry, Boston Rock-n-Romp host:

Hey Linda,

Kerry Lavin here. If you haven't heard RnR is officially scheduled (finally). Its on 2/23 at 3:30 at Great Scott. Founder Debbie Lee is bringing Neal Pollack (Alternadad) along for a mini tour. The bands will be Wonderful Spells and Bon Savants. It will rock (and romp)

Thought you should be the first to know. I've just started a myspace page.

Spread the word! Hope to see you guys there!



Kerry will be co-hosting with her husband Carl Lavin, who books for Great Scott and O'Brien's.

Dudes. I'm STOKED! I haven't been able to get C6 a convincing enough fake ID to smuggle him into rock shows, so this is just what we need. Lookin' forward to sippin' a frosty one while C6 hits the pit. See you at Great Scott on Feb 23rd. At 3:30. That's PM!!! The Squeaky Wheel gets the rock.

(UPDATE: The show is now Sunday, Feb 24th at 3:00 - same place!)

(Previous gushing 'bout Neal Pollack can be found here and here. Thazzit!)


LEstes65 said...

AAAAAhhhhh...found you! All I had to do was read your MySpace blog and it pointed me HERE. Sweet. I will now commence the cyber stalking.

Wish I could join you at Great Scotts. Lived in that hood for nigh on 15 yrs. Miss the store owners. Not the smell.

benadamdad said...

Thanks for the link! My 2 year old will be into it.