Monday, January 7, 2008

Scurvyann luvs Dan Yaccarino!

I've already confessed my luv for Oswald, created by the ubertalented Dan Yaccarino. I was curious as to what Mr. Yaccarino was up to these days so I visited his website where I discovered his latest book Every Friday. I bought it for C6 and it immediately became his (and C5 and my!) new favorite read. Not only is it a really cool little story, it is beautifully illustrated. Retro-ish, daddio. (And the dad looks just like C5, but with darker hair!)

The story is about a Dad who takes his son out to a diner every Friday. As they walk along, they observe all that's going on in their city neighborhood, taking their time and enjoying each moment. It is their special time together, just the two. At the diner, they talk about "all sorts of things". At the beginning of the book is a note from the author explaining how he and his son have breakfast every Friday at the corner diner. Dan writes "I hope that you, too, will start a little tradition like ours."

And guess what? C5 and C6 just started the tradition too! Hurrah for pancakes!

As Oswald's pal Daisy says, "Keen-o Yaccarino!"

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LEstes65 said...

Oswald rocks on so many levels. I will have to go read your homage. I love the music of Evan Lurie. I've adored him from the 80's when he was in The Lounge Lizards with his brother, actor John Lurie.

I am such a geek. I adore Oswald. I want to live there.