Saturday, January 13, 2007


I have to admit, these past couple of years have been interesting in terms of how I think of myself. Because, for the most part, I haven't really thought of *myself* all that much during this time. It's been all about the boy. A good thing, for sure. But I've been able to start balancing out my "mom life" with my previous life, and it is working out great! It is nice to feel like my old self again, but new-n-improved, "Same Great Linda, now with more C6!" I'm really excited to be playing bass again - I've a show at TTs next week, and in NYC the following week (both w/Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women). Glorioski!

Have you heard of Neal Pollack? He's hilarious! He's a dad who writes about being a dad, while maintaining his pre-dadhood life. So you can see why I enjoy his writing, right? I just ordered his book "Alternadad" and can't wait til it arrives in my mailbox. I am happy to see that he is getting good press for the book. I was sorry that I had to miss his appearance at Great Scott last night though. I would've loved to see him - but it was time to rehearse for ze upcoming showzen. [EDIT: his appearance is actually this coming Wednesday...but I'll still have to miss it for rehearsal. DAAAAAAAAAAAANG!]

Yesterday, C6 and I took a trip into Inman Square, Somerville and visited StellaBella Toys. I love that place! There's a little play area in the back of the store with a seesaw, little toy pony, and one of those things filled up with lotsa BALLS that you just sort of swim around in. What are those things called, anyway? There were a few young chaps in the play area and C6 made friends. I'm happy that he has a pretty good track record of being polite ("Oh! Hi! Hello!") but not too in-your-face. I hope this lasts. We hit the 1369 coffeehouse afterward for a yummy brownie to go. I really like that neck of the woods.

Last weekend, the Calvins and I went to the playground/park right outside of Harvard Square. I don't know what the name of the park is. It's a really nice playground, and everytime we go, the parents we cross paths with are always chatty and nice. We met a big dog named Jackson (good dog name). It was early on Sunday morning, so not much was open, but we did manage to find an m&m cookie (one of c6's faves). We are all about the baked goods, us.

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