Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Now that C6 is into more adventuring, and so am I, I'm looking for more stuff for us to do together. I like music. He likes music. We did a Gymboree music class last year and that was okay, but that's not really the kind of music either of us adore. A couple of weeks ago I came across an article on Baby Loves Disco, which is a dance party held at rockclubs during the daytime for toddlers & their parents to get their groove on. There are venues throughout the country that hold these monthly events. It sounds like fun, though I'm searching for the rock alternative to the disco music. Anyhoo, we were planning to go to the next one. Then, yesterday's Boston Globe ran an article on it. I thought "uh I'm never gonna get tix!" and sure nuff, the next 2 months are already sold out! That'll learn me for taking my time.

I just came across something that sounds so perfect...but too far away for us to really be part of. It is a cable access tv show based in Washington DC called Pancake Mountain. And it looks so AWESOME. It's a kiddie indie rock dance party tv show, with really great bands performing!!! Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, X, Kaiser Chiefs, Buzzcocks, Garbage, Subways, Undertones, Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins, Flaming Lips...WOW!!! I'll check to see if it is on in the Boston area. I just ordered a DVD! I

I am currently obsessing over The Ace Of Cakes, a show on the Food Network about a group of kickass cakemakers in Baltimore. I'd love to work there. I mean, if I knew how to bake and decorate cakes. (Though C6 and I made some pretty amazing cupcake guys last week.)

This morning C6 couldn't get enough of "Twiggy Twiggy" by Pizzicato Five. Also, he can't get enough of that periscope amplifier thing on Teletubbies. What do you call that thing??? Lastly, he has been jiving of late to "The Ticket Was Non-Refundable" by Ad Frank. Our choreography is gettin' quite elaborate!

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