Thursday, February 1, 2007


See? i'm a-rockin'. rockin' an'-a-smirkin'.

Me, shakin' it @ TT's. (photo by sushiesque)

I like my new band. I've been spoiled over the years; so many fine bandmates.
This past weekend Mr. Ad Frank and I spent many hours traveling to and fro NYC. It was totally like old times - meaning we (okay, just me) were like a couple of 10 year old boys with the silly potty jokes. Yeah. You read it right. I was like TWO 10 year olds. TWICE the number two.

ITEM: I think my new bandmates might have caught on that I'm a dorkus maximus. but just in case, shhhhhhh. don't tell'em!

This weekend was action packed: rocknroll in the big city! AUTO MALFUNCTIONZZ!!! sickness on the homefront! b r o k e n waterpipes and ensuing FLOoD! Zoinx!!!!!

ME: happy cuz I got to hang out with my wunnerful pal RAMIKEN this weekend. (Rami=Robert Brazier, my drum buddy from Well). He is a gadabout! And the finest strutter I know.

Had rehearsal tonight, came home, watched "The Office" on dvr (YEAH!) and ate some pistachios. Bueno. I am going to sleep now!


ps: a shoutout to my reader, Susan! Woo! Yeah you! This one goes out to SOOZN! Inna front row! Yow! Mama! Woo! You are one FINE lay-day! mmm- MMMM! YEAH!!!!

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