Thursday, February 22, 2007


Q: What could be better than one Abraham Lincoln?
A: Five Abraham Lincolns!

um...well I guess they are not all Abrahams - you got your Mary Todd Lincoln, yer Ringo Lincoln, Abe Vigoda Lincoln, Lancelot Lincoln, and Hot Rod Lincoln - THE STINKIN' LINCOLNS!!!

I'm sad that I had to miss the annual Presidents' Day weekend show of The Stinkin' Lincolns, my pal Johnny Black's band of Abes. They are the rockingest Abe Lincolns you EVAH did see! It has been awhile since I have seen them, but the vision of multi-Abes rockin' out at the Abbey (or Abe-y?) Lounge is seared into my memory. SEARED! Seriously - one of the funnest and best shows I've seen, the Lincolns, a couple years back now, in all their mole-covered glory. I damn well better not miss next years show. Maybe if "Hot Rod" Lincoln can't make the show, I'll fill in as "Babe-raham" Lincoln.

ps: "Lincoln" looks so wrong when you keep writing/reading it. Did I spell it wrong? No! Look! Read! Lincoln! Isn't it weird looking?

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