Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Dudes. Awhile ago, I wrote about how I'm all back into watching 24 after my hiatus from watching. Well - awhile back, C5 and I missed a week, and we've been trying to catch up - we save the episodes on comcast dvr. We like to watch it together. Rather, I INSIST we watch it together, cuz I get too NERDVOUS otherwise. Anyhoo...tonight I went to play the episode from a couple of weeks ago and it had mysteriously disappeared from our list. Oops. Perhaps I erased it, or maybe C6, endlessly fascinated with the remote, did it in. Oh no! How will we ever catch up, missing an episode???! Not to worry. Did you know that you can watch tv online for free? Go to and see what shows they have to offer. I'm tellin' ya, I soooo worked the internets in a jiffy this evenin' - within 5 minutes after our "where's that episode?" dilemma, we were up and running, watching the missed show. (Secretly? I was thinking I was all CTU-n-stuff.) I was happy with how quickly it loaded, and it was better quality than expected. Yippee! Hurrah for instant gratification.

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