Monday, February 5, 2007

And...we missed it.

Guess what!? I finally caught c6's "spew-itis". Yup, it hit me, and I fell. I fell hard. It sucked. But I'm back! Hurrah! Though...this germ thing is really getting out of hand and must stop. C6 and I seem to have traded illnesses - now he's got a mega-cough and congestion. WHEN WILL IT END???

I'm a bit bummed that we were still illin' yesterday. And here's why:

I had just come upon a musical act that looked and sounded quite intriguing. That act would be Gustafer Yellowgold. Gustafer is a cute cartoon creature. At a Gustafer show, the cartoon illustrations are projected, while a couple of musicians play the gentle, sweet (but not cloying) music. Parts of it reminded me of Radiohead, but it really has a Beatles/Harry Nilsson thing going on, too. Here is a description from the website:

Since his creation a couple of years ago, Gustafer Yellowgold has become an international phenomenon. Live "Gustafer" shows, accompanied by live music, have been acclaimed by the New York Times, which said, "The show is a cross between 'Yellow Submarine' and Dr. Seuss, filtered through the lens of the Lower East Side." Time Out NY Kids magazine called it "Beatlesque…very beautiful."

Gustafer Yellowgold was created by illustrator/singer/songwriter Morgan Taylor. On the debut DVD Gustafer Yellowgold's Wide Wild World Gustafer comes to life. The minimally animated illustrations are accompanied by Taylor's catchy original story-songs for a truly different multimedia experience that will entrance children and adults alike.

So. Here's why I was bummed: I had just discovered this cool thing. I wondered as I lay in bed, still ill, "hm, I wonder if they'll be trotting into town any time soon?". I had the laptop nearby, so I checked and yes, they were coming to town! To Somerville! How close! How convenient! And when would that be? IN JUST A COUPLE OF HOURS!!!!

Dang. My timing is really just not that great these days.

Though - I must say, I managed to do two rockshows in and around the times I was really sick. That's gotta count for something...somewhere, somehow.

Yes. I DO want a medal.

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