Thursday, February 8, 2007

Nights Out

I don't go out much at night, with the exception of rehearsals or the rare night out for Thai food with my friend Robin, or the even rarer night out with former coworker friends Carolyn and Melinda. That's pretty much it. But a few weeks ago my friends' cover band was playing nearby (only 10 minutes from my house!) so I decided to go. C5 would hold down the fort, and I snuck out after C6 went to sleep.

My friends Jimmy and Timmy (or James and Tim) are 2 of the swellest, finest people I know. I was happy to go out and see their band, have a couple of beers, and hang out with the gang. What I was not prepared for was this: when I hit the dance floor with my ladyfriends, I found myself pulling out dance moves I had learned from Dorothy the Dinosaur on The Wiggles.

Not that anyone noticed. When I realized what I was doing I totally cracked up. And I looked around to see all the girls dancin' all sexy-like, gyratin' an' puttin' their hands up in their hair, shakin' their boo-TAY. And then me. Jumping like a kangaroo.


Sometimes C6 reminds me of a cat we had when I was a teenager. Whenever I tried to do my homework, the cat would sit on my book or paper, preventing me from getting the work done. C6 is just ON me all the time. But I don't mind so much. He reminds me of a little koala bear, too. Remember those little koala bear clippie things you'd stick on your shirt or rainbow suspenders? I want one. But not the big one. The little one. Not the big one!


Ad Frank & The F.E.W. played with Freezepop at TT's, and boy, do I so love them! They put on such a fun fun show. Total 80's-ness. They make me smile. And hop like a kangaroo.

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