Sunday, February 11, 2007

Favorite Local Hangouts

Here's a quick list of some of my favorite local places (in and around Melrose, MA):

The Bohemian Coffeehouse is a new coffee place not too far from our home. I'm not wild about the name, but I *am* wild about this place - C6 and I go on a somewhat regular basis for chocolate chip cookies, chocolate croissants, and oreo cookie ice cream (for c6) - and chai, peppermint mocha, coffee (for me). It is a small place - only 2 tables. Whenever we go, they are playing music I like - Doves, Elvis Costello, other stuff I didn't know but really liked. Hillary, one of the owners, is a friendly, cool, interesting person who makes you feel welcome and comfortable. We love the place!

When I get a chance to run out for lunch by myself, I like to hit Sushi Corner in Melrose. It is off the parking lot behind Shaw's. I'm not a hardcore sushi-er, but I do like a California roll or spicy tuna roll every once in awhile. Last time I went I tried the "Melrose Roll", which was spectacularly good. (and big!) It was spicey tuna, avocado, salmon, spicey mayo (I think), and little fishy eggies on top. YUM! Delightful.

We love going to J. Pace market, in Saugus. It is a wonderful Italian market, with a bakery and butcher counter...they have EVERYTHING. Produce section...Italian groceries...fresh cheeses, and a whole section of delicious prepared foods, and ready-to-cook foods. We're big fans of the chicken noodle soup. Beware - they only make it on Mondays and Tuesdays! Also love the marinated bbq steaktips. TANGY. C6 always seems to get a free cookie out of the lovely ladies at the bakery counter. He doesn't even have to bat his eyelashes!

We like to go to Breads-n-Bits of Ireland once in awhile for a cup of irish oatmeal or an orange chocolate scone. Recently they had snowman-shaped sugar cookies, decorated with colored sugar. Black sugar for the snowman hat, blue sugar eyes - C6 loved it. And he looked like a little Goth with his black/blue lips afterward.

Hungry for some Vietnamese food? I am! I like to get spring rolls and the vermicelli noodles with beef at Saigon Noodle in Malden. Malden has a couple of other Vietnamese restaurants but I have yet to try them. I loves me my Saigon Noodle! They're always very nice to me there. Extra peanut sauce, please!

For a quick pint when we're able to, C5 and I will hop on over to Harrington's in Wakefield. Nice little place with a good menu - My fave is the salad with grilled chicken, dried cranberries, goat cheese, and pine nuts. Comfortable atmosphere, just right. We likey.

Now I'm all hungry and thirsty! Daaaaaaaaang.

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