Monday, February 19, 2007

How to cop my awecellent look

I wouldn't say that shopping is one of my favorite things to do. Especially not these days, with C6 in tow. He's not exactly the most patient shopper. And trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans in a changing room with a toddler who is trying to escape said changing room isn't my idea of fun.

I've found some great clothes online. Shoes too! Of course you all know about They are the best - no delivery charge, and they pay return delivery too, if you need to return them. You can find almost any shoe there. HURRAH!!!! has some really beautiful t shirts! I ordered one of the long sleeve ts with dandelion seeds printed all over. It is a good quality, very cool looking shirt. C6 loves it too. After I ordered it, (and before it was delivered) I got an email from them apologizing that it was taking so long (I hadn't noticed, actually). They offered 20% off my next order for my troubles. When the shirt came (with a nice handwritten note) I was so happy with the shirt, hellyeah I wanted to order more stuff. (I ordered another long sleeve t, with stars and pine trees on it). I was just impressed with their customer service. Who knows, maybe they offer 20% off to everyone in the hopes of having people buy lots more stuff? I don't care!

I bought a t shirt at that is so adorable and fits nicely, too. It says "daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang." on it. There are so many fun shirts I probably will order another soon. (I'm partial to the "Exercising...It Blows!!" one.)

Ahhhh, shopping from the comfort of home!

(But only when C6 is asleep - if not, he'll sit on the keyboard to make you stop doing what you're doing and want to play "hmmm". ("Hmmmm" is the game formerly known as "where's Calvin?", where he tells you where he's gonna hide, and you have to say "hmmmm" and look for him. All. Day. Long.)

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