Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Beatles: HELP!

Greetings from Wellfleet, MA! We had a lovely day with friends - a little bbq, a little beachin', total vacation mode. Ahhhhhh.

I stayed up late tonight watching the fantastic Beatles movie HELP! I first saw this movie when I was 7 years old and it really changed my life. (Really!) Special thanks to my brother Dave, for insisting I watch it back then. I remember him saying "I think you'll like this movie!" And I totally did! (Also thanks again to Dave for getting me the DVD!)

My Mom got me the album in exchange for my agreeing to wear a pretty white dress for my first communion. (I was really against the wearing of dresses back in the day). I became OBSESSED with Ringo and wanted to change my name to Ringo. (My Mom said I could change my name to Ringo when I was 18. But by then I wasn't really as into the idea.) I thought I looked like him. We had similar haircuts and noses, and I was about as tall as him. HAHRhHRH!!!! (see haircut photo up there on the right.)

As I watched and listened tonight (with headphones) I was really sucked back in time - I listened to the album CONSTANTLY as a youngster. And I remembered the part where my well-worn record would skip during the marching band instrumental song - it sounded weird to me tonight when I heard it NOT skipping. HAHRHH.

Tonight though, something new. Ringo was my first Beatle crush. Then, in junior high, I was ALL about John. Tonight? George! Ahh, George. How did I never have a yen for George??? (*sigh!* he's so dreamy!) I guess I'll hit my Paul phase when I'm 64. (*groan*) Sorry.

Hey! It's a thingie! A fiendish thingie!


Inkwell said...

Gooo...tooo...the window. Gooo...tooo...the window. Gooo...tooo...the window. Gooo...tooo...the window.

LEstes65 said...

You ARE Ringo. And you're a STAH!