Monday, July 21, 2008

summer update...

Yee! I keep meaning to come on back and say hi once in a while...but I suppose I'm gettin' all LUDDITE on yez. It's been a wicked fun summertime...C6 and I have been hittin' the beach quite a lot, puttin' the sprinkler into overdrive, fillin' up the inflate-o-pool,etc. I'm trying to live 2 summers in one, due to last years summer of SUCK.) completely change the subj, (PURPOSELY TRUNCATED!)

...C6 and I concur that Beck's song GAMMA RAY is quite tuneful and boppable. I could listen to the intro to this song forever (& ever!) Now please come join us in a kitchenfestdanceparty while we DANSE!

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LEstes65 said...

Dude. Trippy. Beck has a pretty mouth.