Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dropkick Murphys Redux And How I Spent My Summer Vacation

There's a wonderful article in this week's Boston Phoenix on The Dropkick Murphys. (Go ahead and read it...I'll wait!)

It reminded me that I forgot to mention my fantastic experience at their show last month! True to his word, Mr. Ken Casey, Dropkicks bassist extraordinaire, took care of me and C5. As promised - a comfy chair for my poor lame bones. And my Royal Arse was seated onstage. How's THAT for service?

Dropkicks shows are always amazing, but even moreso up close. Those guys are just so passionate about what they do - you can see it from the back row of the biggest venue, but to be right UP THERE is quite a special treat. It was an awesome show, in all respects. Extra credit goes to guitarist Marc Orell for not holding back for even one second - and because we were basically on top of him during the show. From the magnificence of the songs to the sheer strength of the performance to the crowd to everyone being so dannnng NICE to was, as They say, all good.

Hey looky up there - there's a picture of me and Ken and my CRUTCHES!

Which reminds me...I never really explained the crutches, did I? Originally thought to be a sprain, my mysterious painfully swollen ankle and knee (after a bazillion trips to a bajillion doctors and a few pretty scary moments...Lyme Disease? Lupus? Gout? "Gout. Gout. Let it all out. These are the things I can do without...") was diagnosed as "reactive arthritis". (I know - I never heard of it either.) It is an inflammation of the joints causes by a bacteria, in my case, food poisoning! KICKASS!!!

I spent a month on crutches, with a whole week entirely off my feet. I'm still recovering - I have a really um...sultry?...swagger. That is a lie. I have a goofy limp. But who cares. At least I can carry a cup of coffee across the room ALL BY MYSELF!!!

Anyhoo - I do NOT recommend spending a summer like this. Thank God I have a great family who rallied 'round and helped take care of me, and helped look after C6 during the daytime while C5 was at work. Thanks, Fam!

Which reminds me...Dropkicks are all about Family. I love that. At their Boston shows you can see their families on the stage - from little kids to old timers. The whole clan. Love! That!

Which reminds me...C6 is reeeeeally into the "Dwopkick Mowphys" (his pronunciation) - he is NUTS about their song "Shipping Up To Boston" - he totally rocks it. (I haven't shown him the video - a little much for a young'n.) The lyrics are about a sailor who lost his leg and is shipping up to Boston to find his wooden leg.

Which reminds befitting as it might have been for Scurvyann, I'm glad I didn't have to get a wooden leg!

HEY-oh! (see what I did there?)

Scurvyann, over-n-out!

PS: The new Dropkicks' album, The Meanest of Times is out next week - be sure to get it!

PSS (...or is it PPS?): a couple of pix from the show...

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marlatiara said...

Crutches or not you look fabulous!