Monday, September 10, 2007

Retro Bathing Suit BONANZA

I wrote about my favorite bathing suit back in June. Now, I love my bathing suit. HOWEVER! Girl's Gone Child found the perfect retro suit for me! It is close to the same cut as my suit but woooooo! POLKA DOTS!!! Look here at Retrodress - the Esther Williams Collection!!! Here's my suit. I'm'a gonna git me some POLKA DOTS!

My Mum had an awesome navy blue with white polka dot suit back in the day. I always wanted one like it. Although Retrodress doesn't offer that exact combo, I could TOTALLY live with black suit-with-white-polka-dots!

And Fashiony-Fashiony Rebecca (Girl's Gone Child) is a polka-dotter too! HURRAH! Maybe we can start a CLUB!

I love polka dots I do.

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