Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time to make a plan which...involves a SANDWICH!

C6 is into eating sandwiches these days. (You may remember that he did not like them...even though he really did.) Then he decided that he DID like sandwiches and we got into making them together. We remembered the episode of the Upside Down Show where Shane and David learned how to make sandwiches by watching a kid demonstrate the process. They gave their play-by-play description. "... and for the crowning glory ... a piece of green, green lettuce, ... the ubiquitous pat-down ... and we have total sandwich." C6 remembered, and we always do the ubiquitous pat-down.

So anyhoo, I got an email from a musician named Ira Marlowe who does kids music. He's got a CD out called The Teasing Bird. What does this have to do with Sandwiches? Plenty! One of the songs on the CD is called SANDWICH and it is funny and cute and will stick in your head. In a good way. Here's the quirky little video for it. C6 can't get enough of it - it is his favorite video now. We watch it a LOT. And I mean...a LOT.

Watch for appearances by Paul McCartney, Ace Frehley, Pete Townshend, in bread form, and Elton John as Cheese!

I like the little conversations between the rasta bread dudes and the "May-o!" part...

Visit Ira's site Brainy Tunes for more info, games (there's a SANDWICH game!), songs, and videos.

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