Friday, September 28, 2007

Up on Mars

A couple of years ago, I was in a delightful band called Well, and we did a combination rock & 'lectronic kind of music. It was really fun!

Part of our act was a videoshow projected behind us, which was synced up to beats and keyboard tracks. All that stuff was masterminded by Jeff Robbins, (with whom I played in Orbit, as well.) He sang and played guitar as well as creating all the backing tracks and most of the other videos. We did have a REAL drummer (Hahha - I almost called him a "brick and mortar" drummer!) named Robert Brazier. He's a gadabout!

Though we had lots of stuff going on with the tracks and the visuals, we were pretty much a kickass rock trio. (As evidenced on one of our first shows when there were technical difficulties with the backing tracks and we had to go without! Rocked.)

I made an animation for our song Up On Mars, one of our mellower tunes. Originally created to be projected behind us for the show, there are a few sections that seem a little slow watching it here without the band playing in front of it! Enjoy my awesome handiwork! HAHrhAHRHA!!!


ps: do you recognize that astronaut chick in the video? HINT: It's me!

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