Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ad Frank and the Fast Easy Women

Last Thursday was the much-anticipated Ad Frank/Freezepop rawkinroll show at the Middle East. I love rockin' the downstairs stage at the Middle East, I do. I am going to toot my own horn here: I did pretty well for someone who still limps and kinda hurts and doesn't really have her balance back yet. (The bum leg situation explained somewhere in this post if you need catchin' up.) I almost fell over a couple times but nothing too extreme. I managed to stomp on my instrument cable and disconnect it from my tuner. But that's not cuz of anything medical...I just get a little stompy sometimes. Can't hep m'sef!

Did you miss the show? Pity. It was amazing. And we looked fabulous. Witness:

All of these rather splendid photographs were taken by Rick Webb. Take a looky at his stuff - he took tons of great shots of Freezepop too. Now I wanna get me a fancyass camera!!! (I'm savin' my pennies...)


adrienne said...

Great concert pics! It looks like a rocking good time!

I've tagged you with a meme:

Hope you can come out and play!

Scurvyann (Linda) said...

Thanks, babe! 'twas a rockin' good time indeed. And re: meme: I'll get a'playin' soooon...!!!

marlatiara said...

Um, those pictures are HAWTTTT.