Friday, October 26, 2007

MESSY DAY(S)...the Airplane

For a while now C6 has been wicked into "awts an cwafts". One day, over a month ago, I took out a big cardboard box and we decided it was an AIRPLANE. Since then, almost every day we draw on it with crayons, paint on it, put stickers on, glue pompoms on, glue beads on, glue cotton balls on, then paint OVER the stuff we glued on...add more layers of stickers...glue on toilet paper rolls...paint them...etc. We cut out pictures of food from magazines for the "airplane food"...drew dials, on off buttons...etc...there's an ignition switch where he can put a key in. There's also a place for him to plug in his headphones.

He loOooOooves hangin' out in his airplane.

It is awesome.


LimeyG said...

Ummm ... can he make one for me??

LimeyG said...

Oh! Oh! Also!!! I'm tewtally obsessed with right now (these long gray winter days) and today they had ... this!
I thought of you and C6's bento eggies immediately ...