Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Salteens, Mark Mothersbaugh and a theremin on Yo Gabba Gabba

C6 has TOTALLY warmed up to Yo Gabba Gabba. (His very first time acknowledging it in a positive way mentioned here.) Well, we can't get past one particular episode that we DVRd (because he wants to watch it over and over...his modus operandi). In it, the Salteens perform an extraordinary song that WILL make you happy. It'll chase the grumpies away! I can pretty much guarantee it.

Hey! Did you know that Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer do some of the animations on Yo Gabba Gabba? Pissa!

We both really enjoy watching the Draw-with-Mark-Mothersbaugh part of the show. Of course you remember Mark from Devo! ("Real Devo" as C6 calls them, vs. "Kid Devo", which is Devo 2.0) Mark is so much fun - C6 loves his glasses!

In the Salteens episode, a guy named SoCo (on the rocks?) demonstrates a theremin. C6 LOVES this part, too. I love theremins! Some of you that were at my birthday party at the Kirkland many, many moons ago (the one where I smashed a pinata with my bass!) may remember that I guest-played the theremin with friends Curious Ritual. I hardly even used my hands!!!! HAhrhHArh!!! (use your imagination.)

When I played in Orbit, guitarist Fred played a theremin on the song "I Wanna Make You" It was always a real crowd pleaser! Here's the video for "I wanna Make You" (the video is pre-Fred and Linda.)

Scurvyann, over-n-out!

PS: Girls's Gone Child has a nice little somethin' bout Yo Gabba Gabba tunes right here.

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marlatiara said...

Sometimes I wish I lived next door to Evan and Sarah. And I'd bring them cookies and ask them to be my friends. Seriously.

Linda, can I just tell you in a random comment how much I love being a mom?